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  • House Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits

    Time is running out for long-term unemployed The Democratic leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday tried to take up a bill under expedited rules to extend federal unemployment benefits which are set to expire on November 30. The vote required a 2/3 majority to pass, but enough Republicans (143) voted against suspending […]

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  • Working America Exposes Outsourcing Culprits

    Working America Job Tracker

    Track job losses, health and safety violations, and other abuses in your ZIP.

    Job Tracker: They can’t hide anymore

    In the past decade, more than 5 million manufacturing jobs and 850,000 information sector jobs have disappeared—many of which have been shipped overseas. This outsourcing is encouraged by faulty trade and tax policies that corporate executives use to boost record-breaking profits and outrageous and obscene executive salaries.

    But finding out specific information on specific companies sending American jobs overseas and devastating their communities has been nearly impossible—until now. The AFL-CIO and Working America’s new Job Tracker database lists information on more than 400,000 corporations that have exported jobs overseas, violated health and safety codes or engaged in discriminatory or other illegal practice. (Check it out at http://t.co/qbg7wwm.)

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, in a conference call with reporters this morning, said Job Tracker’s searchable by ZIP code and the interactive database gives:

    “everyday people the opportunity to actually see what is happening in their community and shine the light on what corporations are doing. For the first time, working people have one place to see the real impact of the failed policies of the past that gave corporations the ability to ship American jobs overseas.”

    With this new data as a benchmark, working people will have the ability to separate the economic patriots from the corporate traitors at the ballot box.

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  • GOP Senators Kill Successful Jobs Program

    The TANF Emergency Fund which expired this week was created by the Recovery Act. TANF Emergency Fund ends, layoffs begin Terrible news from the AFL-CIO Blog: Senate Republicans turned their backs on workers one more time before they left town for the Nov. 2 elections when they refused to allow a vote to keep alive […]

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  • Congress Passes, President Signs Law to Save Hundreds of Thousands of American Jobs

    On the side of teachers, firefighters, public safety officers… Last week, Congress passed and the President quickly signed into law a bill that will save literally hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The law provides $16 billion in Medicaid funding assistance and $10 billion for teachers’ jobs. Failure to pass this bill would have meant […]

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  • On Unemployment, Richard Burr Just Doesn’t Get It

    Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) doesn’t understand why unemployment is still an emergency. Burr says it’s “No longer an emergency” For over 450,000 workers in North Carolina who are unemployed, the emergency is as real as it’s ever been. Despite this, Senator Burr has voted repeatedly AGAINST extending unemployment benefits, the only source of income for […]

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  • In Case You Forgot: This is Bush’s Deficit

    A chart back to reality Deficit peacocks – like our own Republican Senator, Richard Burr – succeeded in killing legislation to extend unemployment insurance, COBRA subsidies, and aid to the states to avoid massive layoffs. Their victory is a loss for workers and working families struggling to cope with layoffs and long-term unemployment inflicted upon […]

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  • Senate Republicans Kill Aid to States, Unemployed

    Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) cares not for the unemployed. It takes a Senate of millionaires to hold us back Outrageous. Stunningly callous. Business as usual for the minority party in our dysfunctional Senate. All of these are ways to describe the Republican-led effort to filibuster – repeatedly – and successfully kill a jobs bill, aid […]

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  • Good Jobs Now, Make Wall Street Pay w/ Damon Silvers

    Learn more at www.aflcio.org/createjobs. VIDEO: Connecting the dots “No jobs. No future.” That was one of the slogans chanted at the March on Wall St. The fight for jobs is the fight for our future. Everything depends on creating jobs – repairing the housing crisis, boosting consumer confidence, avoiding long-term budget crises, and closing current […]

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  • Unions’ Petition Secures TAA Benefits at Philip Morris

    Former employees at Concord, NC plant to get assistance Shortly after last year’s stimulus package included a little-publicized provision that liberalized the eligibility requirements for Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) benefits, IAMAW Local Lodge 108 and BCTGM Local 229T, the two unions representing employees at the Philip Morris facility in Concord, filed a joint petition seeking […]

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  • Richard Burr ‘Couldn’t Imagine’ Acting to Avoid Mass Teacher Layoffs

    Party politics trumps doing anything for N.C. The effects of the Great Recession have been devastating to our state’s budget. Tax collections are down due to massive job losses and reduced consumer spending while increased demand for public services like unemployment threaten North Carolina’s ability to fund its single largest expenditure – public education. The […]

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  • 75th Anniversary of Works Progress Administration

    WPA put millions of Americans back to work When President Franklin Roosevelt came to office during the Great Depression, he recognized his most urgent task was putting millions of unemployed and destitute Americans back to work.  Out of this great need for jobs, the Works Progress Administration, one of FDR’s many New Deal job initiatives, […]

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  • Help Us in the Fight for Good Jobs NOW!

    AFL-CIO unveils 5-point plan to fix jobs crisis It’s up to us, America’s unions, to lead the fight for solutions that will get us out of this crisis. The AFL-CIO has a five-point plan to create and save millions of jobs over the next year, starting as soon as Congress acts. It will take all […]

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  • APWU Local 1807 in Hickory Needs Our Solidarity

    URGENT: Town Hall on plant closing is Thursday (11/19) We have received an urgent request for solidarity assistance from APWU Local 1807 in Hickory, NC. As we’ve highlighted in past email updates and in our recent newsletter, the U.S. Postal Service is cutting services and window hours, consolidating rural routes, and has even sought legislation […]

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  • Hickory, NC: A Case Study in Pitfalls of ‘Free Trade’

    Geraldine Ritch lost her job to China, then her house to foreclosure in Hickory, NC (photo by Jim Bounds for Washington Post) Western NC town has 15% unemployment, focus of report by Washington Post North Carolina has lost more jobs – 90,000 – to foreign competition than any other state since 2002, according to the […]

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  • Excellent Panel: Aid for Dislocated Workers

    We’re at the 52nd Annual Convention in Atlantic Beach this week. In addition to electing officers and executive board members, the convention is an educational opportunity for attending delegates. Today we had a great panel discussion on Aid for Dislocated Workers.  Leading the panel was Roger Shackleford, Executive Director of the Division of Workforce Development […]

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