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  • Hundreds in rural N.C. win jobs, opportunity thanks to IBEW

    When the world’s largest social network picked Rutherford County, NC as the site of its newest data centers, Facebook turned to IBEW to get the job done right. Now workers are earning a living wage in a county with high unemployment, and IBEW is winning new members grateful for the union difference.

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  • Good news for UAW 5287 and Thomas Built Buses

    The workers at the Thomas Built Buses manufacturing plant in High Point, who are represented by United Auto Workers Local 5287, got some good news earlier this month. Thomas has recalled 112 laid-off workers to meet demand.

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  • Unemployment insurance extended thanks to Gov. Perdue

    Governor Perdue took action earlier this month to make sure 28,000 jobless North Carolinians will not lose their last lifeline in the New Year.

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  • 99% Movement in Triad rallies to cause of extending U.I.

    About 50 workers, students, and community activists joined unemployed constituents to demonstrate for the extension of unemployment insurance outside of Rep. Coble’s office on Thursday, December 8.

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  • Older workers hit hard by NC’s jobs crisis

    The NC Justice Center has pulled together available information about unemployment in our state to create a profile of joblessness. The facts show the jobs crisis hitting workers 55 and older hard.

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  • Senate Republicans Kill Infrastructure Jobs Bill

    By a vote of 51-47 on Thursday, Senate Republicans including Richard Burr voted unanimously to kill the Rebuild America Jobs Act on procedural grounds which required 60 votes to advance the bill. It was the third time Burr voted to block legislation that would put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work.

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  • Sue Myrick Can’t Hide From Her Poor Record on Jobs Crisis

    U.S. Representative Sue Myrick sponsored a job fair at Central Piedmont Community College, today, but she did not attend. It’s just as well because Myrick’s voting record in Congress shows the only job that concerns her is her own.

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  • Unemployment Rate Goes Up Because of State Budget Cuts

    According to recently released data, North Carolina’s unemployment rate rose to 9.9% in June. As the N.C. Budget and Tax Center reports, this increase was fueled by state government job losses, which are expected to get worse as the new Republican state budget takes effect.

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  • Governor Vetoes Bill that Would Undermine UI Program

    Gov. Perdue vetoed a bill this week that would have destroyed the Employment Security Commission and cost North Carolina’s unemployment benefits program millions of dollars in federal money while raising unemployment tax rates on businesses.

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  • Inaction to Extend Unemployment Benefits Continues to Extend the Suffering

    For just over a month, an estimated 37,000 North Carolinians have been trying to live without their federal unemployment benefits all because Republican legislators refuse to pass a clean bill to extend benefits. The number of people losing benefits grows by just over 2,000 each week. Now over 42,000 people must live without this critical income.

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  • Jobless Workers Testify at Public Hearing on Benefits Lapse

    This week, Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis and others came face-to-face with jobless workers who spoke at a public hearing called by Sen. Martin Nesbitt to shame state lawmakers who are blocking the extension of federal unemployment benefits in North Carolina.

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  • Calling on Lawmakers to Extend Benefits

    On Tuesday the NC State AFL-CIO and NC Justice Center held a press conference outside the state legislative building to urge lawmakers to not leave 37,000 jobless North Carolinians without federal unemployment benefits.

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  • NC Republican Lawmakers Play Politics with Workers’ Lives

    Riders on unemployment bill play politics with workers’ lives, observers say. Instead of addressing the real issue, benefits for unemployed workers, new additions to a house bill would merely serve as a distraction.

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  • Excellent Column About Unemployed Workers

    After the President delivered his State of the Union address, The Herald newspaper in Rock Hill, SC – where 15.7% of county residents are unemployed – published a column, Unemployed to politicians: “What country are they all living in?” Author Andrew Dys visited the local unemployment office to listen to the stories of job seekers and to get their reaction to all the talk from various politicians about jobs and unemployment:

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  • Must See Video: Lifeline

    The face of the unemployed in crisis On November 30th, Congress allowed emergency unemployment benefits to expire. Here are the faces and stories of those Americans most affected by the inaction of Congress. We need to generate as many views of this video as we can! After you watch it, please share this video with […]

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