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  • State House Republicans Abandon Unemployed North Carolinians

    NC State Representatives Julia Howard and Tim Moore

    We are deeply disappointed that, despite bipartisan support in the state senate, Republicans in the state house refused to accept even small changes in our Unemployment Insurance system that would help the record number of North Carolinians who are out of work during this pandemic.

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  • COVID-19 Update on Unemployment Insurance

    President MaryBe McMillan talks to Trisha Pande, our counsel with Patterson Harkavy, LLP, about unemployment benefits available to NC workers during the pandemic.

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  • “Shameless cheering” as NC repays $2.8 billion U.I. debt

    Wealthy, powerful legislative leaders and Gov. McCrory celebrated forcing jobless workers to pay off the debt North Carolina owed to the feds since the Great Recession – and years of tax cuts for employers during better times – left our unemployment trust fund without enough money to pay unemployment insurance claims.

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  • Know your rights about Unemployment Insurance

    Download the two-page guide to know your rights about unemployment insurance in North Carolina

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  • No one at NC Chamber is asking, “Are we going too far?”

    Time is running out for the five individuals who head the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce to ask if they’ve gone too far in pushing devastating cuts to unemployment benefits, said Kevin Rogers of Action NC in a recent op-ed published by the News & Observer.

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  • North Carolina stories of life on unemployment

    We interviewed six North Carolinians to record their stories of life on unemployment. They told us a powerful story that should give pause to any lawmakers now pushing deep benefit cuts. May they be heard.

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  • ACT FAST! Stop attacks on jobless workers, their families

    We need your help. Time is running out to stop a horrifying piece of legislation affecting hundreds of thousands of jobless North Carolinians now and in the future becomes law.

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  • Pat McCrory endorses devastating unemployment cuts

    With the Governor’s support, the Chamber’s scheme to have unemployed workers pay the price for a deficit created by years of business tax cuts will become law. Meanwhile, McCrory refuses to put his money where his mouth is.

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  • Lawmakers propose radical changes to unemployment insurance

    Republican lawmakers have revealed a plan, negotiated in secret with the Chamber of Commerce, to let employers off the hook for $2.5 billion in unemployment insurance debt by making jobless workers pay instead.

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  • Sign the petition to protect Unemployment Insurance

    We need your help! Please sign this petition to stop any backroom deal from being voted at a December 5 meeting of the Revenue Laws committee so that the proposal can be thoroughly reviewed and commented on by all stakeholders.

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  • Pat McCrory thinks unemployed have it too easy

    Too bad for jobless North Carolinians, the Republican candidate for Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, says applying for unemployment benefits should be more difficult.

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  • Dear Legislators: A message to lawmakers

    The message of these letters is clear: North Carolinians value a strong unemployment insurance system and want legislators to protect this critical resource from cuts that would harm our state’s most vulnerable citizens.

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  • Older workers hit hard by NC’s jobs crisis

    The NC Justice Center has pulled together available information about unemployment in our state to create a profile of joblessness. The facts show the jobs crisis hitting workers 55 and older hard.

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  • Governor Vetoes Bill that Would Undermine UI Program

    Gov. Perdue vetoed a bill this week that would have destroyed the Employment Security Commission and cost North Carolina’s unemployment benefits program millions of dollars in federal money while raising unemployment tax rates on businesses.

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  • Must See Video: Lifeline

    The face of the unemployed in crisis On November 30th, Congress allowed emergency unemployment benefits to expire. Here are the faces and stories of those Americans most affected by the inaction of Congress. We need to generate as many views of this video as we can! After you watch it, please share this video with […]

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