• Free-Trade Economics: Fantasy We Cannot Afford

    Six reasons the U.S. should abandon the myth There was a great opinion piece published this week in Bloomberg News of all outlets that makes the case for policymakers in our country to rethink their devotion to the ideology of ‘free’ trade. Ian Fletcher, author of the book “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” and an adjunct […]

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  • Public Citizen Launches Trade Data Center

    New research tool illustrates impact of trade policy on our way of life Public Citizen, a national non-profit that advocates in the public’s interest, has consolidated a wealth of information – some of it previously unavailable to the public – that allows you to research the myriad ways trade policy affects our jobs, environment, and […]

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  • Keep it Made in USA Town Hall in Asheville (10/21)

    Celebrate American manufacturing Next year, economic forecasters predict that America will lose its #1 global ranking in manufacturing for the first time in 110 years. That’s right, China is projected to pass the U.S. in manufacturing in 2011. American manufacturing has already suffered its worst decade on record with more than 5 million jobs lost, […]

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  • Senator Richard Burr (R-Chutzpah)

    Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) Having voted for CAFTA, Burr touts jobs in area devastated by free trade Republican Senator Richard Burr toured Northeast North Carolina on Wednesday, stopping in Edenton in Chowan County to tout jobs at the Colony Tire Plant and burnish his credentials with rural North Carolina voters. What’s the big deal with […]

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  • Unions’ Petition Secures TAA Benefits at Philip Morris

    Former employees at Concord, NC plant to get assistance Shortly after last year’s stimulus package included a little-publicized provision that liberalized the eligibility requirements for Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) benefits, IAMAW Local Lodge 108 and BCTGM Local 229T, the two unions representing employees at the Philip Morris facility in Concord, filed a joint petition seeking […]

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  • Hickory, NC: A Case Study in Pitfalls of ‘Free Trade’

    Geraldine Ritch lost her job to China, then her house to foreclosure in Hickory, NC (photo by Jim Bounds for Washington Post) Western NC town has 15% unemployment, focus of report by Washington Post North Carolina has lost more jobs – 90,000 – to foreign competition than any other state since 2002, according to the […]

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  • President Obama Goes to Bat for Steelworkers

    Defends domestic tire makers from illegal Chinese trade practices Responding to pleas for relief from the United Steelworkers union and for the strict enforcement of our trade agreements, President Obama slapped tariffs on imported Chinese tires on September 11, 2009. The move came in response to a complaint filed by the USW with the International […]

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