• NC AFL-CIO Holds Congressional Candidates Town Hall

    Over 120 people gathered in a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 30th for a virtual town hall hosted by the NC State AFL-CIO for union members, retirees, and their families to hear from candidates running for US House in districts around the state. The hour-long event highlighted the need for safe workplaces during the Covid-19 pandemic and the struggle that essential workers face balancing their livelihoods and health.

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  • Virtual Town Hall with NC Congressional Candidates

    Working people will have an opportunity to hear directly from NC Congressional Candidates in a virtual town hall Thursday, June 30th at 6 PM. NC State AFL-CIO President MaryBe McMillan will join labor-endorsed candidates for a discussion about the challenges North Carolina workers face today and the policies that can bring us to a more just and sustainable economy!

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  • Advisory: Workers’ Bill of Rights Town Hall in Statesville (6/20)

    Too many people work hard but still can’t make ends meet and feel increasingly isolated from one another and ignored by policy makers, especially in our rural counties. This town hall is an opportunity for workers to build community and to make their voices heard.

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  • North Carolina Needs Unions! Town Hall in Durham (6/14/18)

    In a first for North Carolina, working people from across economic sectors will get to challenge candidates and elected officials on ways to strengthen the freedom to join together in unions at a town hall this Thursday, June 14th, in Durham.

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  • Fayetteville holds public forum on “Fast Track” (3/11)

    A public town hall meeting March 11th in Fayetteville will focus on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the effort by Big Business and others to push it through Congress by a “fast track” process, which means members of Congress must vote on the 1,200 + page TPP treaty with almost no debate and no ability to amend it. Free refreshments will be provided.

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  • Town Hall: Home health care workers join Fight for $15 (3/5)

    Join home health care workers, fast food workers, and other community members for a town hall forum to highlight the struggle for $15 and a union for home care workers on Thursday, March 5th in Raleigh.

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  • Sen. Bernie Sanders is coming to North Carolina (8/27)

    Vermont’s Independent Senator and champion of working families, Bernie Sanders, will be in Raleigh on Wednesday (8/27) to talk economic justice at a town hall meeting at 7:00 PM at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church.

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  • Moral Monday heads to Eden over coal ash spill (3/31)

    Mad about Duke’s coal ash spill in the Dan River and the governor and regulators’ response? Come to Moral Monday in Eden!

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  • Patrick McHenry challenged on repeated votes against Obamacare

    Patrick McHenry via Flickr Creative Commons

    This wasn’t the Obamacare town hall McHenry is used to.

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  • At town hall, Thom Tillis blames teachers for his attacks

    About 60 union members and community activists showed up at Gaston Community College in Belmont, NC to welcome North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis to another of his “Divide & Conquer” town halls. It was Tillis’ first town hall appearance since holding a surprise midnight session of the General Assembly on January 5 to strip teachers of their rights.

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  • We’ll have questions for Thom Tillis at town hall Jan. 30

    Our partners at Progress NC are organizing a picket at Thom Tillis’ next town hall Jan. 30 at Gaston College’s Kimbrell Campus in Belmont, NC.

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  • Thom Tills “Divide and Conquer” Tour Coming to Triangle (11/16)

    Thom Tillis has been touring North Carolina on the tax-payers’ dime to let him spin falsehoods about his disastrous state budget. The next stop is Morrisville on Nov. 16, and we want you there to let him have it!

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  • Workers Were Watching Thom Tillis at Clayton Town Hall

    Advocates for workers, women, justice, health care, civil liberties, and others were watching as Thom Tillis held a town hall in Clayton, NC on August 30, 2011. A group of several labor, community, education, and women’s health advocates also participated to ask tough questions about Tillis’ divisive speakership.

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  • Workers Bear Witness To Injustice at Thom Tillis Town Hall

    Since coming into power in January, Tillis’ agenda has exacted sacrifice upon sacrifice from working families while rewarding his staff with 27 percent pay increases and his corporate campaign contributors with new tax loopholes and exemptions from environmental protections.

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  • USPS to Announce Closure of Hickory Mail Center at Town Hall (5/17)

    USPS will hold a town hall on Tuesday, May 17 at 6pm to announce plans to consolidate mail processing operations from Hickory to Greensboro. This could mean slower, less reliable mail service and a loss of 200 jobs the Hickory area – which already has the highest jobless rate in North Carolina.

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