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  • New poll shows public support for raising state revenue

    Results of a new poll out this week show that the people of North Carolina agree with Together NC that North Carolina is worth it, including broad support for tax fairness.

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  • Russell the Hound on the hunt for N.C.’s best public investments

    North Carolina’s state dog is the Plott Hound. As tax day approaches, our friends and coalition partners at Together NC have enlisted a hound of their own to sniff out examples of the Old North State’s best public investments.

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  • How do state budget cuts impact where you live?

    Our friends at Together NC have pulled together a new clearinghouse of statewide and regional information about the economy and the impact of state budget cuts. On the Chopping Block puts data and reports from all seven of NC’s economic regions at your fingertips.

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  • Thom Tills “Divide and Conquer” Tour Coming to Triangle (11/16)

    Thom Tillis has been touring North Carolina on the tax-payers’ dime to let him spin falsehoods about his disastrous state budget. The next stop is Morrisville on Nov. 16, and we want you there to let him have it!

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  • Speak NC: Community College

    After adding the equivalent of the entire NCSU student body in enrollment, NC’s 58 community colleges face deep funding cuts in the current proposed budget—in addition to stark reductions over the past two years. If we continue down this path, community college may cease to be an option for many North Carolinians.

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  • Speak NC: Juvenille Justice

    Each year, programs like Teens Making a Change (TMAC) help thousands of kids like William who are trying to get their lives back on track. With state-funded mental health and juvenile justice programs are on the chopping block, there might not be as many places for North Carolina’s young people to turn.

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  • Speak NC: Speech Therapist

    With legislators proposing hundreds of millions of dollars to cuts in Medicaid, it’s unclear whether or not many of North Carolina’s speech therapists will be able to stay in business.

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  • Speak NC: Smart Start

    Smart Start is North Carolina’s nationally-recognized early childhood system that served 124,000 children in child care last year alone, along with thousands more young children who are not in child care by providing services such as parent training and health screenings.

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  • Speak NC: School Nurse

    North Carolina’s school nurses provide a range of services, including health screening, emergency care, health counseling and treatment for chronic health conditions.

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  • Announcing Speak NC

    Speak NC will be rolling out a video each week featuring North Carolinians that rely on on speech therapy, nursing, or any of the hundreds of services that touch thousands of North Carolinians every year. Watch this trailer for the new video series.

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  • Let’s Stay *North* Carolina

    The newly convened North Carolina General Assembly will be controlled by Republicans, and they will face tough choices to balance the state budget. This web ad produced by Together NC is a reminder to the new leadership in Raleigh that we must not sacrifice the things that make North Carolina a great place to live, open a business, and receive a world-class education.

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  • Urgent Action Needed on State Budget

    TAKE ACTION: It’s time to come together around the state budget Together NC is a coalition of organizations – including the NC State AFL-CIO and the NC Justice Center – committed to promoting wise policy choices for shared prosperity. Together, we have worked hard to push state legislators to adopt a budget that isn’t balanced […]

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  • State of Emergency Budget Rally on Monday (6/15)

    Protest of destructive budget cuts outside legislature Lawmakers in Raleigh are considering a budget proposal that would balance the books on the backs of working families by cutting essential programs and services needed now more than ever. Decisions made in the legislature threaten to turn an economic crisis for the state into a state of […]

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  • Together NC Hosting Town Halls on State Budget

    Join the discussion coming to a town near you Together NC, a coalition of organizations – including the NC State AFL-CIO – committed to promoting wise policy choices for shared prosperity, is organizing a series of town hall discussions on the necessity of public investments in North Carolina. Our state government has to fix a […]

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