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  • Video: Tillis says Right-to-Work (for Less) will be on ballot

    Now there’s video of Thom Tillis promising a Right-to-Work (for Less) amendment to a group of conservative supporters at a stop on his “Divide & Conquer” town hall tour back in October.

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  • The incredible double standard of two-faced Thom Tillis

    After our Rein Them In rally ahead of an expensive, do-nothing “special” session of the North Carolina General Assembly on Thursday, Feb. 16, about 50-70 people filed into the building to deliver messages printed on a simple sheet of paper to Speaker Thom Tillis. What happened next was another example of how out of control our state legislature has gotten.

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  • At town hall, Thom Tillis blames teachers for his attacks

    About 60 union members and community activists showed up at Gaston Community College in Belmont, NC to welcome North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis to another of his “Divide & Conquer” town halls. It was Tillis’ first town hall appearance since holding a surprise midnight session of the General Assembly on January 5 to strip teachers of their rights.

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  • We’ll have questions for Thom Tillis at town hall Jan. 30

    Our partners at Progress NC are organizing a picket at Thom Tillis’ next town hall Jan. 30 at Gaston College’s Kimbrell Campus in Belmont, NC.

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  • Republican state lawmakers begin 2012 attacking workers’ rights

    The New Year means new opportunities for our Republican-controlled state legislature to attack workers’ rights, and the arrogant extremists in charge on Jones Street wasted little time in getting down to business. At 1:12am on January 5, Republicans voted to eliminate dues deduction for members of NCAE.

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  • Thom Tills “Divide and Conquer” Tour Coming to Triangle (11/16)

    Thom Tillis has been touring North Carolina on the tax-payers’ dime to let him spin falsehoods about his disastrous state budget. The next stop is Morrisville on Nov. 16, and we want you there to let him have it!

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  • Republicans Vow to Put Right to Work for Less in State Constitution

    Should any worker still think Thom Tillis and the Republican majority in our state legislature are looking out for his or her interests, this puts the lie to that notion. Tillis says his party will push to enshrine North Carolina’s right to work for less status in the state constitution, and he doesn’t even pretend the move is about protecting workers.

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  • Thom Tillis Stars at First Ever “Tilly Awards”

    The NC State AFL-CIO, along with allied groups, hosted a tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony today that showed North Carolinians are taking notice. The 1st Annual Tilly Awards gave Speaker Tillis a special type of recognition for his work.

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  • Workers Were Watching Thom Tillis at Clayton Town Hall

    Advocates for workers, women, justice, health care, civil liberties, and others were watching as Thom Tillis held a town hall in Clayton, NC on August 30, 2011. A group of several labor, community, education, and women’s health advocates also participated to ask tough questions about Tillis’ divisive speakership.

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  • Workers Are Watching Thom Tillis in Wake County

    Many Wake County residents are still seeing red from Thom Tillis’ undoing of decades of progress in North Carolina. So when he came here to help elect more right-wing ideologues who will move Wake County backward not forward, we were there to object.

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  • Workers Bear Witness To Injustice at Thom Tillis Town Hall

    Since coming into power in January, Tillis’ agenda has exacted sacrifice upon sacrifice from working families while rewarding his staff with 27 percent pay increases and his corporate campaign contributors with new tax loopholes and exemptions from environmental protections.

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  • Sue Myrick Can’t Hide From Her Poor Record on Jobs Crisis

    U.S. Representative Sue Myrick sponsored a job fair at Central Piedmont Community College, today, but she did not attend. It’s just as well because Myrick’s voting record in Congress shows the only job that concerns her is her own.

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  • August is Accountability Month for North Carolina Politicians

    Throughout the month of August, we are looking at every opportunity to hold members of Congress and the state legislature accountable for being on the wrong side of the American majority which wants action on jobs not dithering on deficits.

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