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  • Jon Stewart Nails Fox News Hypocrisy on Pay for Teachers vs. Wall St

    On Thursday night’s Daily Show Jon Stewart goes after Fox News blatant double standard when it comes to pay for teachers and Wall Street.

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  • Senate Republicans Kill 9/11 First Responders Bill

    Remember, remember who cared not for our heroes Despicable. Reprehensible. Unfathomable. Cynical. Business as usual. These are all ways to describe the successful effort of Republicans in the United States Senate last week to prevent the 9/11 First Responders Bill from getting an up-or-down vote. The bill, which overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives and […]

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  • The G.O.P. Pledge to (Corporate) America

    More of the same Congressional Republicans released their Pledge to America this week, a document that they say outlines their policy priorities should the voters return them to power. Predictably, this road map is an outline of the same policies – unlimited spending on war, unregulated Wall Street, unconscionable tax cuts for the very rich, […]

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