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  • Looking Back: Massive May 16th Mobilization For NC Public Schools

    On May 16th, tens of thousands of teachers, staff, parents, and students marched on Raleigh to pressure state lawmakers to provide funding for the schools North Carolina students deserve, and North Carolina’s labor federation was there to lend a hand — delivering food in advance for Wake County students, raising money to bus folks to Raleigh, keeping marchers happy and hydrated, and adding our voice of support for the largest collective action taken by North Carolina public employees in recent history.

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  • N.C. Unions Help Deliver Food for Wake County Students Ahead of May 16th Advocacy Day

    The NC State AFL-CIO delivered four pallets of food donated by the Food Bank and sorted into 500 “weekend packs” to Ligon Middle School in Raleigh for distribution by Wake County teachers to students in need across Wake County today.

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