• Let’s get ready to rumble!

    North Carolinians, tired of paying the costs for the lack of tax fairness – the root cause of austerity politics in Congress and tax changes on Jones Street – will finally get a chance to settle the score between the people and the powerful when champions for both sides face off at a public showdown on Bicentennial Mall at 12:30 PM on Monday, April 15th – Tax Day.

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  • Recap from our 2012 #TaxDay Showdown

    Working families, community advocates, students, and retirees stood off against representatives of multi-national corporations and the super-wealthy at a “showdown” on Tax Day, April 17th, outside Bank of America in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.

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  • Russell the Hound on the hunt for N.C.’s best public investments

    North Carolina’s state dog is the Plott Hound. As tax day approaches, our friends and coalition partners at Together NC have enlisted a hound of their own to sniff out examples of the Old North State’s best public investments.

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  • Tax Day Showdown in Raleigh (4/17)

    April 17, 2012 is Tax Day in the United States – an opportunity to reassess America’s priorities as reflected by who’s paying taxes and who or what don’t pay their fair share. Join our “buddy protest” on Tax Day outside corporate-villain and tax-deadbeat, Bank of America, in Raleigh.

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  • Thoughts for the Tax Day Protests

    By Chris Fitzsimon Chris Fitzsimon writes a blog, the Fitzsimon File, at NC Policy Watch. Earlier this week, he published this piece on the hypocrisy of the tax day Tea Party protesters, which he has given us permission to reprint in full: Thursday is April 15, tax day, so get ready for the annual onslaught […]

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  • Don’t Forget the Earned Income Tax Credit!

    Take your money. You’ve earned it! Did you or your family earn less than $48,279 in 2009? You may be eligible to receive a tax credit of up to $5,657 this year, but you have to file your return by April 15, 2010. The Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, provides tax credits to working […]

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