• Executive PayWatch 2011

    The PayWatch 2011 report is out (www.paywatch.org), and 2010 was a banner year for executive compensation at corporations in the United States. One of the featured case studies is that of Reynolds American President and CEO, Susan Ivey, who made over $23.8 million in 2010. Ivey’s 8-figure payout does not include millions of dollars more she walked away with after taking early retirement in February 2011 at age 52.

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  • Executive PayWatch 2010

    Wall St taking outrageous pay to fight financial reform A chief executive officer of a Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 index company was paid, on average, $9.25 million in total compensation in 2009.[1] At the same time, millions of workers lost their jobs, their homes and their retirement savings in the worst financial crisis since […]

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