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  • The worst trade deal you’ve never heard of

    You’ve got to see this video post by former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton Administration, Robert Reich. Pay close attention at the 1 minute mark of this video. If that passes, it’s game over for workers.

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  • Trumka: Raising wages will restore the ‘virtuous cycle’

    Raising the minimum wage is only the first step in addressing the heart of the matter with our economy – falling wages.

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  • Understanding the ‘fiscal cliff’ in 2 min 3 sec

    Robert Reich lays out the what, why and how of the Fiscal “Cliff”, the showdown in Congress that Republicans created to demand painful cuts in vital domestic programs in exchange for raising taxes on the top 2%.

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  • What’s at stake in the 2012 election?

    In this short video, Robert Reich lays out what’s at stake in the 2012 Presidential Election. It’s progressives versus regressives, and the regressives have a 4-part plan to sabotage America.

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  • Robert Reich, “It’s Time to Invest in America”

    America used to invest a big portion of our economy in the future prosperity of all Americans. Some say we can no longer afford to make these investments because we have to cut public budgets and give tax breaks to the rich. The truth is the reverse.

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  • The Truth About the Economy

    If you didn’t already get it, now do you get it?

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  • Class War in Wisconsin: Governor Walker’s Coup D’Etat

    On Wednesday, Senate Republicans in Wisconsin used a procedural trick to pass their union-busting bill without having a quorum. “Governor Scott Walker and his Wisconsin senate Republicans have laid bare the motives for their coup d’etat,” says Robert Reich.

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  • Video: The Truth About the Public Option

    It’s not scary or complicated at all Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains what a public option for healthcare coverage really means for working people. Watch the video, then share it with your social network: Call the Congress toll-free using this number: 1-877-3-AFL-CIO (1-877-323-5246). Tell them we want health care reform including a strong public […]

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