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  • In Case You Forgot: This is Bush’s Deficit

    A chart back to reality Deficit peacocks – like our own Republican Senator, Richard Burr – succeeded in killing legislation to extend unemployment insurance, COBRA subsidies, and aid to the states to avoid massive layoffs. Their victory is a loss for workers and working families struggling to cope with layoffs and long-term unemployment inflicted upon […]

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  • Senate Republicans Kill Aid to States, Unemployed

    Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) cares not for the unemployed. It takes a Senate of millionaires to hold us back Outrageous. Stunningly callous. Business as usual for the minority party in our dysfunctional Senate. All of these are ways to describe the Republican-led effort to filibuster – repeatedly – and successfully kill a jobs bill, aid […]

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  • Senator Richard Burr (R-Chutzpah)

    Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) Having voted for CAFTA, Burr touts jobs in area devastated by free trade Republican Senator Richard Burr toured Northeast North Carolina on Wednesday, stopping in Edenton in Chowan County to tout jobs at the Colony Tire Plant and burnish his credentials with rural North Carolina voters. What’s the big deal with […]

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  • Richard Burr ‘Couldn’t Imagine’ Acting to Avoid Mass Teacher Layoffs

    Party politics trumps doing anything for N.C. The effects of the Great Recession have been devastating to our state’s budget. Tax collections are down due to massive job losses and reduced consumer spending while increased demand for public services like unemployment threaten North Carolina’s ability to fund its single largest expenditure – public education. The […]

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  • AFSCME Releases Tough New Ad Targeting Burr

    NC Senator has taken $2.1 million from insurance co. Why is Richard Burr so adamantly against reforming the health insurance industry?  As a U.S. Senator, Burr receives excellent health care coverage, paid for my the government in the same sort of health care exchange that he opposes making available to the rest of the country.  […]

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