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  • Republicans play “hunger games” with lives of North Carolinians

    Congressional Republicans voted to cut $40 billion in food aid. How did your N.C. Representative vote?

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  • Veto Overridden, GOP State Budget Becomes Law

    In the end, Republicans cared more about their ridiculous no-tax pledge to anti-government, right-wingers than they cared about keeping a half-billion dollar investment in public education or preventing the loss of tens of thousands more jobs. And North Carolinians will be worse off for it.

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  • NC GOP to Workers Walking Picket Line, “Let them eat cake.”

    About three dozen North Carolinians who are fed up with calls by Republican leaders for everyone else to sacrifice so they and their corporate campaign backers can continue to sacrifice nothing walked a picket line outside the headquarters of the North Carolina Republican Party in Raleigh, today.

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  • Save the Earned Income Tax Credit

    There is a larger constituency for North Carolina’s Earned Income Tax Credit than there are millionaires and billionaires in our state. That is not stopping Republicans in the state legislature from targeting this critical tax break for working families for elimination.

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  • ESCALATION: GOP Assault on Workers’ Comp Grows

    The Workers’ Compensation bills we have all been expecting (and dreading) have arrived – HB 709 AND SB 544. Contact your lawmakers today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709 and Senate Bill 544.” Don’t make injured workers pay the price of CEO greed!

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  • Republicans File Workers’ Compensation Bill (HB 709)

    Contact your Representative today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709.” Tell your Representative that, “working families back home are counting on legislators to protect our stable workers compensation system and make protecting injured workers–not corporate profits and insurance companies–a priority.”

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  • Election Not a Referendum on Health Reform

    Poll data put the lie to anti-reformer claims The newly-elected Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives has been quick to claim a mandate from voters to repeal health reform. Like so many arguments advanced by anti-reformers, this claim isn’t supported by the facts. Only 19% of voters in the 2010 election identified health […]

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  • Actuary: GOP Budget Plan Would Gut Social Security

    Rep. Paul Ryan authored the Republican budget road map, which the Chief Actuary of Social Security said would drastically cut benefits. Election gives voters a choice on program’s future If Republicans take control of the U.S. House of Representatives after the Nov. 2 election, Paul Ryan (R-WI) is positioned to become Chairman of the House […]

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