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  • Redistricting Reform In-Focus on First Day of New NCGA

    State lawmakers convened the first session of the 2017-18 General Assembly on Wednesday, and a coalition of groups including the NC State AFL-CIO held a press conference to once again call for lawmakers to stop choosing their voters by implementing independent redistricting in North Carolina.

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  • GOP redistricting plan targets Democratic women

    Partisan redistricting process results in the party in power drawing district maps less favorable for its opponents. But did Republicans go out of their way to ensure there are less Democratic women in the next legislature?

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  • Republican Redistricting is Gerrymandering in the Extreme

    For the first time in 140 years, the Republican Party is in charge of redistricting in North Carolina. Naturally, Republican politicians, who won their majorities in the 2010 election using the current district maps, are using their power to make sure they stay in power.

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  • N.C. Leads in Increased Census Participation

    Numbers up 8% over 2000 Census North Carolina leads all other states in increased participation in the 2010 Census, up 8 percentage points over this time during the 2000 Census. Our state is also above the national average in total participation. As of April 27, 2010, almost three-quarters (74%) of all North Carolinians had mailed […]

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  • Today (4/1) is National Census Day!

    North Carolina above national participation rate to-date The News & Observer reports that North Carolina at 54% is above the national mail participation rate for the 2010 Census: “We’re above the national number. That’s where you want to be,” said census spokesman Tony Jones, who works in the Charlotte regional census office. “We’re in good […]

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  • 2010 Census Counts for Working Families

    Will yours be counted? Every ten years, the Constitution of the United States gives every individual in America the chance to do one thing that will shape his or her life and the lives of everyone they know at every level of government for the next decade – be counted in the census. Being counted […]

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