• Rescue of GM and Chrysler saved American manufacturing

    When President Obama decided to rescue General Motors and Chrysler from liquidation, he was betting on an American comeback. That proved to be a wise bet in more ways than one.

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  • GM Goes Public with Huge Stock Offering

    Government rescue saved hundreds of thousands of jobs There’s something about a white board that makes even difficult subjects easier to grasp. In this video, Council of Economic Advisers Chair Austan Goolsbee discusses the success of the government’s plan to save the American car industry from liquidation: “The critics said this would never work, but […]

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  • NC Wins Significant Recovery Act Investments

    North Carolina has received $2.2 billion from the Recovery Act as of June 30, 2010. $400 Million for education from “Race to the Top” North Carolina won big in President Obama’s Race to the Top Fund, securing a $400 million grant that will, in part, pay for continued implementation of Gov. Bev Perdue’s Career and […]

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  • Congress Passes, President Signs Law to Save Hundreds of Thousands of American Jobs

    On the side of teachers, firefighters, public safety officers… Last week, Congress passed and the President quickly signed into law a bill that will save literally hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The law provides $16 billion in Medicaid funding assistance and $10 billion for teachers’ jobs. Failure to pass this bill would have meant […]

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  • In Case You Forgot: This is Bush’s Deficit

    A chart back to reality Deficit peacocks – like our own Republican Senator, Richard Burr – succeeded in killing legislation to extend unemployment insurance, COBRA subsidies, and aid to the states to avoid massive layoffs. Their victory is a loss for workers and working families struggling to cope with layoffs and long-term unemployment inflicted upon […]

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  • Richard Burr ‘Couldn’t Imagine’ Acting to Avoid Mass Teacher Layoffs

    Party politics trumps doing anything for N.C. The effects of the Great Recession have been devastating to our state’s budget. Tax collections are down due to massive job losses and reduced consumer spending while increased demand for public services like unemployment threaten North Carolina’s ability to fund its single largest expenditure – public education. The […]

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  • Take on Bank of America at Shareholders Meeting (4/28)

    B of A is failing America Workers, clergy, veterans, civic leaders, and community groups from the NC State AFL-CIO and NC United Power will converge for an important action at the Bank of America shareholders’ meeting in Charlotte on the morning of April 28th. What: Rally and action at B of A shareholders meeting When: […]

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  • Durham Company is Stimulus Success Story

    Cree praised as leader in green technology Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu were in Durham this week to promote the stimulus bill’s clean-energy tax credit and to tout the accomplishments of Cree, a manufacturer of LED lighting. Because of a $39 million tax credit, Cree has been able to hire 375 […]

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