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  • Fight for $15 and a union Nov. 10 (UPDATED)

    The more low-wage workers hear about the Fight for $15, the better, which makes the nationwide day of action on November 10 more important than ever.

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  • Rally in Raleigh for North Carolina Wage Board (10/7)

    The Fight for $15 and a union will convene a forum at the state legislature on October 7th to take testimony from workers and supporters and to call for the creation of a “People’s Wage Board” to advocate for raising wages in North Carolina.

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  • Greensboro will increase minimum wage for city workers

    Supporters of raising wages, led by AFL-CIO community affiliate Working America, scored a big win in the City of Greensboro this week when city council members voted to increase the minimum wage for city workers.

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  • Charlotte mayoral candidates pressed on raising wages

    This is a follow up to a story we told you about a special event in Charlotte where supporters of the Fight for $15 and a union took the concerns of working people in the Queen City directly to those running to be their next mayor.

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  • Pack the Greensboro City Council for raising wages! (8/18)

    Supporters of raising wages packed the first City Council meeting after the community wage panel discussion. On Tuesday, August 18, we’ll have another opportunity to urge Greensboro to up pay for its lowest paid city workers!

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  • Fight for $15 mayoral forum in Charlotte (8/18)

    The Fight for $15 and a union will hold a public mayoral forum in Charlotte on Tuesday, August 18 where members of the public will get to meet and directly address candidates about their commitment to raising wages for workers in Charlotte.

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  • NC childcare workers join #FightFor15

    Raise Up is having its first childcare worker forum this upcoming Tuesday, August 4th in Raleigh where workers, parents, and allies will talk about the need for affordable accessible childcare for working parents and living wages and union rights for childcare workers.

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  • Greensboro city workers could see wage boost

    Supporters of raising wages are urged to pack a Greensboro City Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 3 after a recent community panel hosted by Working America showed the need to boost pay for city workers currently paid so little that many qualify for public assistance.

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  • Overdue overtime update will boost pay of 160,000 in NC

    Public comment is needed as the US Department of Labor has proposed updates to the rules that determine which working people are eligible for overtime, a change that will immediately boost the pay of 160,000 North Carolina workers.

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  • AFGE President Calls for $15 an hour minimum wage

    Federal workers without a union on their side would get a major economic boost if the Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee would adopt a proposal by AFGE and other unions to boost the federal minimum wage of hourly employees to $15 an hour.

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  • Students and workers unite in the Fight for $15 (3/23)

    Two years ago, people who work as cooks and cashiers in fast food restaurants launched a movement to raise their wages to $15/hour and win the right to form a union without retaliation. Now that movement is growing.

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  • Huge, amazing Walmart news!

    As much as we embrace the announcement, it is just one battle won – albeit an important victory – in what must be an ongoing war for raising wages.

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  • Union members lobby lawmakers on raising wages

    Union members from across the state came to Raleigh this week for the rollout of “A Working People’s” legislative agenda at our biennial labor legislative conference and lobby day where they also honored public and private sector workers and lawmakers engaged in the fight for raising wages.

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  • MaryBe McMillan emcees first ever National Summit on Raising Wages

    MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer of the North Carolina chapter of the AFL-CIO, traveled to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday to emcee the first ever National Summit on Raising Wages, which featured speeches by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, and others.

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