• MaryBe McMillan talks raising wages ahead of Labor Day

    North Carolina State AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer MaryBe McMillan sat down for an interview for the radio program News & Views with Chris Fitzsimon to talk about the future of work in North Carolina and efforts to raise the wages of working people in our state.

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  • The Union Edge Comes to Western N.C. Radio

    Listen Mondays, WPVM FM 103.5 in Asheville NC Get your union news on the radio! The Working Family Radio Network (WFRN) program, The Union Edge, has been picked up by WPVM-FM 103.5 in Asheville, NC. Broadcasts of The Union Edge will begin on Monday (1/31) and continue Mondays thereafter at 9 AM. The Union Edge […]

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  • Fresh Media Coverage of Union Issues in N.C.

    Employee Free Choice Act, Public Employee Bargaining up for discussion MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer for the NC State AFL-CIO, took part in an interview with Charlotte public radio station WFAE 90.7FM for a story about the Employee Free Choice Act which aired on Monday, March 30. “There’s only one secret that the Chamber of Commerce and […]

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  • The benefits of being a union member extend beyond the workplace. AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits help current and retired labor union members and their families save money and support them through major milestones, celebrations and hardships. These benefits include Wireless discounts, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Insurance, Scholarships, Travel & Entertainment, and more! Visit UnionPlus.org to sign up!
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