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  • Solidarity Forever with N.C. Teachers and School Employees!

    For Immediate Release Contact: Jeremy Sprinkle, 336-255-2711 / jeremy@aflcionc.org Statement by NC State AFL-CIO President MaryBe McMillan in Support of the May 1st Public Education Day of Action “We march to inspire citizens around the state to stand up and speak up because together we can make a difference.” — MaryBe McMillan (RALEIGH, May 1, […]

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  • Looking Back: Massive May 16th Mobilization For NC Public Schools

    On May 16th, tens of thousands of teachers, staff, parents, and students marched on Raleigh to pressure state lawmakers to provide funding for the schools North Carolina students deserve, and North Carolina’s labor federation was there to lend a hand — delivering food in advance for Wake County students, raising money to bus folks to Raleigh, keeping marchers happy and hydrated, and adding our voice of support for the largest collective action taken by North Carolina public employees in recent history.

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  • We Stand in Solidarity with N.C. Teachers and School Employees

    Our students deserve better, and by standing up and standing together, we will ensure they get better.

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  • Take it from a teacher

    Public school teachers are leaving North Carolina for greener pastures, and who could blame them? Progress North Carolina created a video series – Project First Person – to give North Carolinians the chance to hear from teachers directly about the challenges and consequences of state lawmakers failure to fully-fund public education in our state.

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  • AIM HIGHER, North Carolina!

    Sign our petition to raise teacher pay to the national average.

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  • NCGA’s war on public education

    Public education ended up being a big loser in the state budget with Republicans cutting it by half a billion dollars.

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  • Number of kids living in high-poverty areas of NC soars

    According to a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the number of North Carolina children living in high-poverty areas has increased almost 200 percent to 212,000. That number is eight times the increase nationwide since the year 2000.

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  • We’re Not Waiting for Superman

    Many students already have a hero in the classroom The new film “Waiting for ‘Superman’”, which opens in theaters nationwide this week, tells a powerful story about how the public education system isn’t meeting the needs of parents and students. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell the whole story, and the film maker doesn’t offer real solutions. […]

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  • Richard Burr ‘Couldn’t Imagine’ Acting to Avoid Mass Teacher Layoffs

    Party politics trumps doing anything for N.C. The effects of the Great Recession have been devastating to our state’s budget. Tax collections are down due to massive job losses and reduced consumer spending while increased demand for public services like unemployment threaten North Carolina’s ability to fund its single largest expenditure – public education. The […]

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