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  • The Art Pope-backed plan to rig all future elections

    What does over $100,000 buy you? If you’re Art Pope, it buys you a state Senator and a bevy of bills to restrict ballot access and make it even easier to buy elections.

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  • Pat McCrory, Governor (R-Duke Energy)?

    Here’s the bottom line. Pat McCrory makes money if Duke Energy makes money. Now, SB 10 would let him appoint Duke’s regulators who could then approve Duke’s double-digit hike in your electrical rates. We say that’s malarkey!

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  • Pay to Play Pat gets his own website

    Pat McCrory has been governor of North Carolina for one week, but he has managed to break his promise to clean up Raleigh and keep special interests out of state government, says Progress NC, which has launched a website – www.paytoplaypat.com – to keep score on McCrory’s selling out of North Carolina.

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  • First Art Pope teach-in draws a crowd

    A crowd of about 100 people turned up for the first teach-in about Art Pope, organized by Democracy NC and the NC State AFL-CIO, and more than 300 people watched the live stream online on Dec. 13.

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  • N.C. House Republicans Cash-In on Selling Out North Carolina

    About 50 advocates for democracy, workers’ and civil rights, public education, and the environment turned out for an hour and a half in the late afternoon heat and raised a right-good ruckus at a GOP fundraiser this week.

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