• Moral Mondays will continue June 10th

    About 1,600 protesters rallied for the fifth and largest yet weekly gathering of people opposed to the regressive and resentful policies coming out of our state legislature. Moral Mondays continue on June 10th.

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  • Get fired up for a “Mega Moral Monday” 6/3 at 5pm

    Weekly nonviolent protests of the flood of right-wing legislation coming out of our out-of-control state legislature resumes this coming Monday, June 3rd for what organizers hope will be the biggest “Moral Monday”, yet.

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  • Call for mass rally and protests in Raleigh (5/7)

    In an email to supporters on Friday, the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, our partner in the H K on J coalition, called for a “Mass Rally and Protest Outside NC General Assembly” on Tuesday, May 7th.

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  • Mitt Romney brings his Etch-A-Sketch to Asheville

    When Mitt Romney and his allies gathered this week in Asheville, working families are getting ready to head to the polls on October 18 when early voting begins in North Carolina.

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  • When lawmakers return, let’s welcome them back

    Can you hear that? That’s a sound only We the People can muster! Get ready for #May16NC.

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  • Join the Pots & Spoons Protest on May 16th!

    Bring an empty pot and spoon (and a friend) this May 16th and join our cacerolazo, the first-of-its-kind protest of our out-of-control state legislature in North Carolina! Let’s welcome state lawmakers back to Raleigh with a sound they can’t ignore. It’s all part of the 99% Spring. Are you in?

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  • Get on the bus for Bank of America protest (5/9)

    Do you plan to protest the Bank of America 2012 shareholders meeting on May 9? We have news about buses to Charlotte.

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  • March on Reynolds American shareholders meeting (5/3)

    Join us in Winston-Salem on May 3 as we rally and march for justice for tobacco farm workers! Tell Reynolds it’s time to take responsibility for it’s actions and it’s supply chain.

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  • Recap from our 2012 #TaxDay Showdown

    Working families, community advocates, students, and retirees stood off against representatives of multi-national corporations and the super-wealthy at a “showdown” on Tax Day, April 17th, outside Bank of America in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.

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  • Tax Day Showdown in Raleigh (4/17)

    April 17, 2012 is Tax Day in the United States – an opportunity to reassess America’s priorities as reflected by who’s paying taxes and who or what don’t pay their fair share. Join our “buddy protest” on Tax Day outside corporate-villain and tax-deadbeat, Bank of America, in Raleigh.

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  • Join national day of action against ALEC Feb 29

    Occupy Winston-Salem is supporting a national day of action on February 29 to call attention to the corporations that fund ALEC. They’re calling it Occupy the Corporations / #Feb29, and we are calling on our members and others who value work and condemn greed to join us.

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  • Art Pope’s money pays to bring extremist messengers to Raleigh

    The Art Pope money machine is paying to bring a host of right-wing extremists to speak at this year’s Civitas-organized Conservative Leadership Conference in Raleigh. Join us at noon on Saturday, March 3 to welcome the delegates.

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  • Workers Bear Witness To Injustice at Thom Tillis Town Hall

    Since coming into power in January, Tillis’ agenda has exacted sacrifice upon sacrifice from working families while rewarding his staff with 27 percent pay increases and his corporate campaign contributors with new tax loopholes and exemptions from environmental protections.

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  • N.C. House Republicans Cash-In on Selling Out North Carolina

    About 50 advocates for democracy, workers’ and civil rights, public education, and the environment turned out for an hour and a half in the late afternoon heat and raised a right-good ruckus at a GOP fundraiser this week.

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  • Protests Outside Bank of America in Charlotte

    Click here to see more photos.. Invest in job creation, not fighting financial reform On April 28 folks from all walks of life – including union members, people of faith, and the unemployed – demonstrated outside the Bank of America (BofA) shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC to demand Wall St banks stop fighting financial reform […]

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