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  • “Fair Courts” Events Happening Across North Carolina

    Attend one of these 90-minute town halls, hosted by Progress NC and NC Voters for Clean Elections, where local legislators and other experts will be invited to address our community’s concerns, and we’ll provide the latest ways to help you fight back for fair courts. 

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  • Billboard tour of N.C. to demand Sen. Burr do his job

    A mobile billboard will travel to Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Greenville next week telling North Carolina’s U.S. Senators that we need nine justices to have a fully-functioning Supreme Court.

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  • Take it from a teacher

    Public school teachers are leaving North Carolina for greener pastures, and who could blame them? Progress North Carolina created a video series – Project First Person – to give North Carolinians the chance to hear from teachers directly about the challenges and consequences of state lawmakers failure to fully-fund public education in our state.

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  • Attend the “Unposted Job Fair” in Raleigh (10/23)

    Help make the point that political hiring at DHHS has got to stop!

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  • Pay to Play Pat gets his own website

    Pat McCrory has been governor of North Carolina for one week, but he has managed to break his promise to clean up Raleigh and keep special interests out of state government, says Progress NC, which has launched a website – www.paytoplaypat.com – to keep score on McCrory’s selling out of North Carolina.

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  • Art Pope crowned ‘Shadow Governor’ of North Carolina

    While Pat McCrory privately took the Governor’s oath of office behind closed doors, locked inside the State Capitol away from the public, McCrory’s Puppet Master was sworn in at a public ceremony as North Carolina’s new Shadow Governor and the state’s real chief executive.

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  • The coronation of Shadow Governor Art Pope

    McCrory’s Puppet Master will be sworn in at a public ceremony as North Carolina’s new Shadow Governor and the state’s real chief executive at a ‘coronation’ on Saturday.

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  • What to do when Mitt Romney comes calling in N.C.

    Mitt Romney has been outsourcing jobs to China and offshoring money to Switzerland even as he claims he would be a job creator and good steward of our economy as President. Do you believe him?

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  • We’ll have questions for Thom Tillis at town hall Jan. 30

    Our partners at Progress NC are organizing a picket at Thom Tillis’ next town hall Jan. 30 at Gaston College’s Kimbrell Campus in Belmont, NC.

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