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  • Act FAST to keep loan sharks out of North Carolina

    We are in grave danger of payday lenders – “the same old rip-off we ran out of our state years ago” – returning to North Carolina. Senate Bill 89, to allow payday lenders back into the state, is moving fast. The bill could pass the state Senate any day now.

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  • The Payday Lending Treadmill

    A short-term ‘solution’ becomes long-term debt trap Payday lenders want policy makers and the public to believe they offer a product consumers need, but payday loans get you no where fast. Paying off a payday loan isn’t easy, and keeping you coming back for more is how payday lenders make their money.

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  • The benefits of being a union member extend beyond the workplace. AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits help current and retired labor union members and their families save money and support them through major milestones, celebrations and hardships. These benefits include Wireless discounts, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Insurance, Scholarships, Travel & Entertainment, and more! Visit UnionPlus.org to sign up!
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