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  • Charlotte Gearing Up to Fight Postal Cuts with Lunchtime Rally this Wednesday in Uptown

    People who work in union at the United States Postal Service and the business owners and community members who depend upon it will hold a lunchtime press conference, rally, and picket outside the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Building this Wednesday to inform the public how they can help fight back against reductions in service and jobs.

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  • Greensboro field hearing on saving our postal service (6/29)

    A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service (AGA) will convene 1 of only 5 “Field Hearings” across the country in Greensboro, June 29th, to discuss how healthy and vibrant communities need an efficient and reliable public post office.

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  • APWU Members Fired Up for National Day of Action, May 14

    On May 14, just six days before their contract expires, postal workers across the country will hold events organized around the theme, “I Stand with Postal Workers.” You can stand with them at events planned in North Carolina.

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  • Jim Hightower: Think BIG about what the postal service could be

    In the latest issue of his fiery monthly newsletter, The Lowdown, populist truth-teller Jim Hightower uses the story of how the small town of Valentine, Texas is rallying to save its post office from closing to call on Americans to think big about what postal service in the 21st century could be and to introduce A Grand Alliance that has formed to save the United States Postal Service from annihilation.

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  • Watch this – Danny Glover: Our Postal Service

    In this superb two-minute video, actor-activist Danny Glover champions the need for a vibrant public Postal Service and asks the public to join with him in A Grand Alliance to save it.

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  • Join the National Day of Action to Stop Staples (4/24)

    Staples and the U.S. Postal Service have cut a deal that jeopardizes your mail service and your local post office. Help us stop Staples!

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  • Rally to save six-day delivery on March 24th

    Letter carriers, other postal employees, and their families will rally in Charlotte and in Raleigh this Sunday against an unlawful edict by the Post Master General that would end Saturday mail delivery and add thousands more Americans to unemployment rolls at a time when our fragile economic recovery is not secured.

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  • Save the date to Save Our Postal Service (3/24)

    The National Association of Letter Carriers is taking action to rally support to save America’s Postal Service and Saturday delivery with rallies in Raleigh and Charlotte on Sunday, March 24. There are over 35,000 good-paying, union jobs at stake.

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  • Rally to Save the Postal Service…Again (4/12)

    In dealing with Congress, sometimes (often?) you just have to shake your head. Such is the case with the United States Senate, where North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan are now considering a bill that would dismantle the United States Postal Service!

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  • Public Outcry Needed to Stop WNC Postal Closings (11/21)

    A plan by U.S. Postal Service management to close a major facility in Asheville, move operations to another state, and eliminate as many as 200 good-paying, middle-class jobs in Western North Carolina will be subject to public input at a hearing on Monday, Nov. 21 at 5pm.

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  • North Carolina Rallies to Save the Postal Service

    On September 27, 2011, hundreds of postal employees were joined by other workers for rallies in every North Carolina congressional district to educate the public and call for passage in Congress of HR 1351, a bill that would Save America’s Postal Service.

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  • Postal Employees Rally to Save America’s Postal Service (9/27)

    September 27 has been designated by postal employees as a Day of Action to Save America’s Postal Service. We are rallying in every congressional district in the country. Join us at a rally near you!

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  • In Defense of the U.S. Postal Service

    There is no denying that times are changing how people communicate with each other, but there will always be a need for the United States Postal Service. But from Congress to the campaign trail of right-wing politicians, the very idea that there should be universal mail service in this country is under attack.

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  • APWU Local 1807 in Hickory Needs Our Solidarity

    URGENT: Town Hall on plant closing is Thursday (11/19) We have received an urgent request for solidarity assistance from APWU Local 1807 in Hickory, NC. As we’ve highlighted in past email updates and in our recent newsletter, the U.S. Postal Service is cutting services and window hours, consolidating rural routes, and has even sought legislation […]

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