• What to Expect of North Carolina Politics in 2016 | Women AdvaNCe

    Very early primaries, the most hotly contested governor’s race in the country, the implementation of Voter ID, and the return of the General Assembly for its legislative “short session” are among the items you can expect this year in Tar Heel politics.

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  • Looks like we’re keeping good company

    We will never be intimidated by right-wing bullies in our efforts to improve the lives of working families in North Carolina, and thanks to Civitas hard work, we find ourselves in good company.

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  • Don’t despair – organize!

    The work we do – the men and women of North Carolina’s labor movement – to build power for all workers, not just union members, is more important today, after the 2014 midterm election, than ever before because at the end of it all, one truth remains. Organized workers are the only force that can save our democracy and our economy from plutocracy and decline at the hands of organized greed and its bought politicians.

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  • Take it from a teacher

    Public school teachers are leaving North Carolina for greener pastures, and who could blame them? Progress North Carolina created a video series – Project First Person – to give North Carolinians the chance to hear from teachers directly about the challenges and consequences of state lawmakers failure to fully-fund public education in our state.

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  • This is what Election Day is really about

    What kind of Congress do you want – a Congress that fiddles while Rome burns or one that is willing to do the hard work the American people want – rebuilding our country to create millions of jobs, raising wages and empowering workers to bargain for better, protecting and expanding Social Security, and holding accountable bad apples on Wall Street and Corporate America?

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  • Voting counts no matter what drives you!

    What issue or issues will drive you to vote this year? Whatever drives you, be sure you vote!

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  • Early Voting begins in North Carolina!

    Greensboro News & Record reported on our “Moral March to the Polls” to kick off the start of Early Voting in North Carolina. Early voting runs until November 1.

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  • It’s the Senate, Stupid!

    In 1992, political strategist James Carville coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” for Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign against sitting President George H. W. Bush. This year the theme should be “It’s the Senate, stupid,” because the party that controls the Senate is going to have a significant impact on a wide variety of issues important to workers.

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  • 10 reasons to vote for Kay Hagan

    From voting to preserve civilian jobs on N.C. military bases to fighting pay freezes, opposing Social Security privatization, and voting for laws to guarantee women receive equal pay for equal work – federal employees have multiple reasons to vote to re-elect Kay Hagan to U.S. Senate.

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  • Moral March to the Polls in Greensboro on 10/23

    Voting rights and worker power will be front and center on Thursday, October 23 in Greensboro when workers, union members, environmentalists, and educators go on a “Moral March to the Polls” to cast their vote for a better North Carolina.

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  • Oped: Don’t let cynicism steal your vote, NC!

    In their oped, Sister Campbell and MaryBe McMillan urge North Carolina workers to defy the big money noise machine flooding our elections with dark money in an effort to turn working family voters into stay-at-home cynics by doing just the opposite – voting and doing so in record numbers!

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  • Reach out to help workers win on Nov. 4th!

    Come out wherever you are to join us in the final two weeks before E-Day for a phone-to-phone and door-to-door mobilization blitz that – with your help – can turn the tide this year away from the forces of organized greed and fear and toward hope for working people and our future!

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  • Register by Oct. 10 or the billionaires win

    If you intend to hold NC politicians accountable for kicking jobless workers while they’re down, undermining public education, denying Medicaid expansion, and raising taxes on working people to cut them for the rich, then you better make sure you are registered to vote by October 10 or you won’t get to vote at all.

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  • Lend a hand to help workers win this November

    We’re ready to kick extremist, anti-worker politicians in North Carolina – like Thom Tillis -out of office. Are you ready too?

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  • Millionaire Republicans in U.S. Senate torpedo minimum wage hike

    Senate Republicans – including Sen. Richard Burr from North Carolina – used a filibuster to block a bill on Wednesday that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10.

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