• Pat McCrory, Governor (R-Duke Energy)?

    Here’s the bottom line. Pat McCrory makes money if Duke Energy makes money. Now, SB 10 would let him appoint Duke’s regulators who could then approve Duke’s double-digit hike in your electrical rates. We say that’s malarkey!

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  • What could $336 million loophole buy?

    Republican lawmakers rammed through a huge new tax loophole for businesses amounting to $336 million in revenue lost to North Carolina each year! What would $336 million in lost revenue buy for the people of North Carolina?

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  • Tell the General Assembly to stop corporate tax cheats

    If you think corporations should pay North Carolina taxes on North Carolina profits, sign this petition to the state legislature demanding they enact combined reporting and stop corporate tax deadbeats!

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  • Don’t Cut A Raw Deal, Mr. Vice President

    Vice President Joe Biden is negotiating a deal on the debt ceiling with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Negotiators won’t tax the rich and big corporations but they will cut the pay of workers. That’s a “Raw Deal” any way you cut it. Sign our petition to VP Biden.

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  • It’s Past Time for Bargaining Rights at TSA

    Sign the petition to give TSOs a Voice @ Work Nine years is long enough for workers at the Transportation Security Administration to go without collective bargaining rights. Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the power to grant this basic human right to Transportation Security Officers. The federal employees […]

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  • Dinner & Benefit Auction for Strikers is April 1

    No Fooling: Good food and fellowship for a just cause The Moncure Solidarity Committee is organizing a baked chicken dinner and auction to benefit the striking workers at Moncure Plywood: [Here’s] a special invitation to stand up for human rights by coming to the general store in Pittsboro on Wednesday, April 1st, 6-9pm, for a […]

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