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  • Act FAST to keep loan sharks out of North Carolina

    We are in grave danger of payday lenders – “the same old rip-off we ran out of our state years ago” – returning to North Carolina. Senate Bill 89, to allow payday lenders back into the state, is moving fast. The bill could pass the state Senate any day now.

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  • The Payday Lending Treadmill

    A short-term ‘solution’ becomes long-term debt trap Payday lenders want policy makers and the public to believe they offer a product consumers need, but payday loans get you no where fast. Paying off a payday loan isn’t easy, and keeping you coming back for more is how payday lenders make their money.

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  • Payday Lenders Set Borrowers Up for Failure

    REPORT: ‘Phantom Demand’ lays bare the deception A new report by the Center for Responsible Lending shows the payday loan industry creates demand for its own services by setting loan terms that encourage rapid re-borrowing by consumers: Payday churning – repeat borrowing of what payday lenders market as a short-term loan of a few hundred […]

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