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  • Lack of paid sick leave burdens NC families

    North Carolina working families could get a bit more job security if two bills filed to provide all workers with paid sick leave get a fair hearing – and a vote – in the General Assembly.

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  • President Obama unveils proposals to guarantee paid leave

    This week President Obama unveiled new proposals to guarantee paid leave to federal employees and is calling on Congress to guarantee the same for all American workers. The U.S. Department of Labor launched a new website and video to promote the policy change and the fact that only 12 percent of private sector workers have access to paid family leave.

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  • Swine Flu vs. Lack of Paid Sick Leave in NC

    Getting sick is nothing new. The way we fight the spread of infectious disease – regular hand washing, getting vaccinated, avoiding travel and staying home from work if sick – are common sense things that everyone can do. Well, not everyone. Nearly 1 in 2 workers in North Carolina lack even a single day of […]

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