• #Nov17 is Nationwide Day of Action for the 99% Movement

    November 17 is a nationwide day of action in support of the 99% Movement. In Raleigh, we will protest with a message for politicians, “Occupy the Jobs Crisis!” Following the protest, we will march to the State Capitol to join the Occupy Raleigh picket line.

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  • Introducing the Other 99%

    Inspired by the We Are the 99 Percent blog on Tumblr on which people post pictures of themselves and their often-heart-wrenching stories, some folks at Occupy Wall Street put together this video that seeks to answer the question, “Am I a member of the 99%?”

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  • For Last 3 Years, 30 Major Corporations Paid No Income Taxes

    Despite racking up $160 billion in profits over three years, 30 companies in the Fortune 500 paid less than nothing in federal income taxes from 2008-2010.

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  • The Other 99 or the Top 1: What “Percent” Are You?

    Even if you and your family are very well off, you have more in common with 99% of American income earners than the top 1% who control 40% of the nation’s wealth, its economic and financial system, and its government.

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  • Republicans Vow to Put Right to Work for Less in State Constitution

    Should any worker still think Thom Tillis and the Republican majority in our state legislature are looking out for his or her interests, this puts the lie to that notion. Tillis says his party will push to enshrine North Carolina’s right to work for less status in the state constitution, and he doesn’t even pretend the move is about protecting workers.

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  • MaryBe McMillan at Occupy Raleigh, “Value work. Condemn greed.”

    MaryBe McMillan, NC State AFL-CIO, delivered a rousing speech at Occupy Raleigh last Sunday, Oct. 16. “No longer will workers be second class citizens in a country we built. No longer will we be shut out of a political system that calls itself a democracy.”

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