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  • Recap from our 2012 #TaxDay Showdown

    Working families, community advocates, students, and retirees stood off against representatives of multi-national corporations and the super-wealthy at a “showdown” on Tax Day, April 17th, outside Bank of America in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.

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  • CEO pay rises to 380 times average American workers’

    The average pay for a CEO in North Carolina is $4.2 million – 100 times the median income for North Carolina workers! Here’s why CEO pay matters.

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  • Senators who protected Big Oil’s welfare got $23.5 million

    When the United States Senate took up a bill this week to put an end to $24 billion in taxpayer-funded welfare for Big Oil, the industry won.

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  • Join the March 25 March to the Statehouse

    The time has come for the 99 percent movement in every state to march to our statehouses and demand an end to institutionalized corporate control of our government. March 25, 2012 is the date, and in North Carolina, Raleigh is the place.

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  • Occupy Wall Street marches through Raleigh this Saturday (12/17)

    Come out Saturday (12/17) for a rally in Mordecai Historic Park in Raleigh to show your solidarity support for the Walking Occupation Marchers, who are on a journey from Wall Street to Atlanta and to mark three months since Occupy Wall Street began.

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  • 99% Movement in Triad rallies to cause of extending U.I.

    About 50 workers, students, and community activists joined unemployed constituents to demonstrate for the extension of unemployment insurance outside of Rep. Coble’s office on Thursday, December 8.

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  • 99% Movement to Pols, “Occupy the Jobs Crisis!”

    Two months after Occupy Wall Street began, Occupy, MoveOn, and AFL-CIO joined up at the Capital Blvd Bridge over Peace St in Raleigh to urge politicians to “Occupy the Jobs Crisis” and invest in building bridges to prosperity. Here’s video from that action.

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  • UNIONS: A voice for the 99%

    What is a union? Why do unions matter to the 99%? Check out this handy guide to Unions 101.

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  • 9 demands of the 99 percent

    What do you think we need to do to make America work for the other 99%? It’s up to you to make the ninth demand! It’s your opportunity to say what you think will get our country working again.

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  • #Nov17 is Nationwide Day of Action for the 99% Movement

    November 17 is a nationwide day of action in support of the 99% Movement. In Raleigh, we will protest with a message for politicians, “Occupy the Jobs Crisis!” Following the protest, we will march to the State Capitol to join the Occupy Raleigh picket line.

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  • Introducing the Other 99%

    Inspired by the We Are the 99 Percent blog on Tumblr on which people post pictures of themselves and their often-heart-wrenching stories, some folks at Occupy Wall Street put together this video that seeks to answer the question, “Am I a member of the 99%?”

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  • For Last 3 Years, 30 Major Corporations Paid No Income Taxes

    Despite racking up $160 billion in profits over three years, 30 companies in the Fortune 500 paid less than nothing in federal income taxes from 2008-2010.

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  • Good Question

    Denying that there is a class war or refusing to take sides in it doesn’t make it go away.

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  • Western NC CLC Delivers Support for Occupy Asheville

    The Occupy movement has spread far from the financial district in lower Manhattan to Asheville, NC where the CLC is answering the call of AFL-CIO president, Rich Trumka, to open our hearts and minds and support this movement in the spirit of solidarity.

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  • The Other 99 or the Top 1: What “Percent” Are You?

    Even if you and your family are very well off, you have more in common with 99% of American income earners than the top 1% who control 40% of the nation’s wealth, its economic and financial system, and its government.

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