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  • #Nov17 is Nationwide Day of Action for the 99% Movement

    November 17 is a nationwide day of action in support of the 99% Movement. In Raleigh, we will protest with a message for politicians, “Occupy the Jobs Crisis!” Following the protest, we will march to the State Capitol to join the Occupy Raleigh picket line.

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  • Occupy the World October 15th

    We are all the 99 percent and we are standing together to restore our voices in cities all across the country this fall, just as we did in Madison, Wisconsin this spring. But the Occupy Together movement is only the latest in a year of global unrest. On October 15, Occupy Wall Street goes global.

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  • AFL-CIO, Unions Join Occupy Wall Street

    The NC State AFL-CIO stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall St and the Occupy Together movement. We are the other 99%, and we have had enough. We encourage you to find and support an Occupy Together action near you!

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