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  • N&O: Raise the minimum wage, lift the economy

    The News & Observer​ agrees with us that what’s good for working people is good for business!

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  • Republicans prepare to deliver “A body blow to the unemployed”

    Legislation that would drastically cut North Carolina’s state unemployment benefits also jeopardizes $25 million a week in federal benefits for almost 85,000 North Carolinians unemployed through no fault of their own.

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  • Pat McCrory endorses devastating unemployment cuts

    With the Governor’s support, the Chamber’s scheme to have unemployed workers pay the price for a deficit created by years of business tax cuts will become law. Meanwhile, McCrory refuses to put his money where his mouth is.

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  • NCGA moves to cripple A.G. consumer protection unit

    Given its track record of putting conservative ideology above everything else, maybe its no surprise that our out-of-control state legislature has moved since returning to Raleigh last week to cripple the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection by eliminating its funding entirely.

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  • Today (4/1) is National Census Day!

    North Carolina above national participation rate to-date The News & Observer reports that North Carolina at 54% is above the national mail participation rate for the 2010 Census: “We’re above the national number. That’s where you want to be,” said census spokesman Tony Jones, who works in the Charlotte regional census office. “We’re in good […]

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  • #1 Reason We Need Health Insurance Reform

    Blue Cross Blue Shield NC premiums way up The News & Observer reports on huge rate increases hitting North Carolina families who have health care coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield – almost everyone, given their practical monopoly: “In this state, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, a nonprofit insurer that controls most […]

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What's good for workers is good for business! I LIKE THAT!