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  • Sirota: Focus on wages for NC to adapt to “the future of work”

    Raising wages and expanding opportunity for the masses – not the millionaires – is the way forward to a prosperous future for both working people and the economy in North Carolina.

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  • Reporter Mandy Locke explains the “Contract to Cheat” in NC

    If you weren’t able to attend NC Policy Watch’s Crucial Conversation with Mandy Locke, investigative reporter for the Raleigh News & Observer, that full program on worker misclassification is now available online.

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  • Crucial Conversation: Worse than NAFTA? (9/26)

    Join us and NC Policy Watch for a very crucial conversation luncheon about the T.P.P.

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  • N.C. voters favor strengthening laws to protect workers

    We noticed strong support for strengthening laws to protect workers when NC Policy Watch released results of its September Carolina Issues Poll of North Carolina voters.

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  • NCGA moves to cripple A.G. consumer protection unit

    Given its track record of putting conservative ideology above everything else, maybe its no surprise that our out-of-control state legislature has moved since returning to Raleigh last week to cripple the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection by eliminating its funding entirely.

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  • RADIO: MaryBe McMillan Will Be Guest on News & Views

    MaryBe McMillan’s interview with Chris Fitzsimon for the radio program News & Views will air on Triangle radio stations 101.5 and 99.9 FM beginning at 7:30 AM Sunday, April 10.

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  • Wage Garnishment Bill ‘Goes Too Far’

    North Carolina has generally frowned upon wage garnishment, reserving it only for a few special debts such as back taxes and child support. For decades, lawmakers have resisted proposals to allow wage garnishment by general creditors such as credit card companies, retailers and consumer lenders. Now however, with a new conservative General Assembly in power, some creditors think they see an opportunity to reverse this longstanding policy.

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  • James Andrews: Labor Day is Call to Action for Leaders

    We have a jobs crisis creating a debt crisis Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Politicians need to be focused on creating jobs for today’s jobless instead of worrying about future debts because only when the unemployed get back to work will we be able to grow our economy and tackle our long-term federal budget deficits. In the […]

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  • Thoughts for the Tax Day Protests

    By Chris Fitzsimon Chris Fitzsimon writes a blog, the Fitzsimon File, at NC Policy Watch. Earlier this week, he published this piece on the hypocrisy of the tax day Tea Party protesters, which he has given us permission to reprint in full: Thursday is April 15, tax day, so get ready for the annual onslaught […]

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  • Top 10 Favorite Health Insurance Co. Innovations

    If the market is the solution, how’s that working out now? Opponents of reforming any industry always say regulation isn’t the answer. Well, absent meaningful regulations, how are the health insurance companies doing at keeping costs down (and profits up)? Adam Linker, blogger at The Progressive Pulse, the NC Policy Watch blog, has put together […]

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