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  • Workshops: Protecting Workers Rights During Economic Crisis

    The North Carolina Justice Center is conducting a series of workshops across North Carolina to empower workers with the knowledge they need to protect their rights, especially in times of economic crisis like these.

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  • Unemployment Rate Goes Up Because of State Budget Cuts

    According to recently released data, North Carolina’s unemployment rate rose to 9.9% in June. As the N.C. Budget and Tax Center reports, this increase was fueled by state government job losses, which are expected to get worse as the new Republican state budget takes effect.

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  • Inaction to Extend Unemployment Benefits Continues to Extend the Suffering

    For just over a month, an estimated 37,000 North Carolinians have been trying to live without their federal unemployment benefits all because Republican legislators refuse to pass a clean bill to extend benefits. The number of people losing benefits grows by just over 2,000 each week. Now over 42,000 people must live without this critical income.

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  • Calling on Lawmakers to Extend Benefits

    On Tuesday the NC State AFL-CIO and NC Justice Center held a press conference outside the state legislative building to urge lawmakers to not leave 37,000 jobless North Carolinians without federal unemployment benefits.

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  • NC Republican Lawmakers Play Politics with Workers’ Lives

    Riders on unemployment bill play politics with workers’ lives, observers say. Instead of addressing the real issue, benefits for unemployed workers, new additions to a house bill would merely serve as a distraction.

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  • Predatory Real Estate Practice Focus of New Bill

    NC Justice Center urging state lawmakers to support SB1015 The NC Justice Center needs our help to pressure state house members to support a senate bill that would crack down on predatory real estate practices: Next Tuesday, May 25th, the NC House Committee on Financial Institutions will meet to discuss SB1015, The Homeowner and Homebuyer […]

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  • Gov. Perdue Attends Jobs Summit in Raleigh

    Organizers urge adoption of multiple ideas to help struggling families On Wednesday, Historic Thousands on Jones St (HKonJ) partners, the NC Justice Center, NC NAACP, and the NC State AFL-CIO, among others, held a jobs summit at the Martin St. Baptist Church in Raleigh, where Governor Perdue was urged to consider multiple proposals to get […]

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  • 75th Anniversary of Works Progress Administration

    WPA put millions of Americans back to work When President Franklin Roosevelt came to office during the Great Depression, he recognized his most urgent task was putting millions of unemployed and destitute Americans back to work.  Out of this great need for jobs, the Works Progress Administration, one of FDR’s many New Deal job initiatives, […]

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  • Dozens Rally to Thank Etheridge for Supporting Health Care Reform

    “Vote ‘YES’, fix this mess!” Dozens of people rallied outside the Raleigh offices of Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-2nd), today, to show their support for finishing the job on health insurance / health care reform.  The rally was a last-minute response to an anti-reform protest of Rep. Etheridge, who voted for the House reform bill. Even […]

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  • NC Justice Center Report on Employee Free Choice

    “Improving Employee Rights at Work, Improving Employee Livelihood” The North Carolina Justice Center has released a special federal policy update on the Employee Free Choice Act (opens PDF). The report, by Stephen Jackson of the NC Budget and Tax Center, concludes the legislation is reform North Carolina workers need: “Despite the Piedmont crescent being home […]

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  • Health Care Can’t Wait — Major Actions Next Week (9/29)

    Wendell Potter, CIGNA whistle blower leads ‘Crucial Conversation’ The NC Justice Center will hold the next installment in it’s ‘Crucial Conversation’ lunch series next Tuesday, September 29, 2009. The guest speaker will be Wendell Potter. Until recently, Potter was a senior executive for corporate communications at CIGNA, a major private health insurance company. His job […]

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  • Urgent Action Needed on State Budget

    TAKE ACTION: It’s time to come together around the state budget Together NC is a coalition of organizations – including the NC State AFL-CIO and the NC Justice Center – committed to promoting wise policy choices for shared prosperity. Together, we have worked hard to push state legislators to adopt a budget that isn’t balanced […]

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