• Recap from our 2012 #TaxDay Showdown

    Working families, community advocates, students, and retirees stood off against representatives of multi-national corporations and the super-wealthy at a “showdown” on Tax Day, April 17th, outside Bank of America in Raleigh’s Cameron Village.

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  • 99% Movement to Pols, “Occupy the Jobs Crisis!”

    Two months after Occupy Wall Street began, Occupy, MoveOn, and AFL-CIO joined up at the Capital Blvd Bridge over Peace St in Raleigh to urge politicians to “Occupy the Jobs Crisis” and invest in building bridges to prosperity. Here’s video from that action.

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  • August is Accountability Month for North Carolina Politicians

    Throughout the month of August, we are looking at every opportunity to hold members of Congress and the state legislature accountable for being on the wrong side of the American majority which wants action on jobs not dithering on deficits.

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  • March for Health Care in Charlotte on Sat. (3/20)

    “Everybody In Nobody Out” Health Care for America Now – North Carolina members and supporters will rally in Charlotte this Saturday and march to end health care discrimination. Folks will gather at the Greater Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church and then march to Charlotte Square. What: March and rally to support HCR passage When: This […]

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  • Track Meet: Great New Video for Public Option

    From our health care reform allies at Moveon.org Heather Graham stars as the Public Option in this funny ad, showing how she’ll force the lazy, bloated private insurance companies to get back in the game and compete. After all, competition is as American as apple pie. Actor Peter Coyote narrates. Watch the video, then share […]

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  • Protect Insurance Companies PSA

    Hollywood speaks out to help insurance companies Have we been too hard on private insurance companies? Will Ferrell and others say so in this new PSA from Funny or Die: “As the health care debate heats up, we need to remember who the real victims are: health insurance executives…Why is Obama trying to reform health […]

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