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  • America’s Journey for Justice comes to North Carolina

    Our lives, our votes, our jobs, and our schools matter. Join America’s Journey For Justice as we march through North Carolina to be a part of history, August 29 through September 7.

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  • Voting Rights March planned for Moral Monday July 13th

    On July 13, the federal court will hear North Carolina NAACP v. McCrory, the lawsuit to reverse North Carolina’s unconstitutional, immoral voter suppression law.

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  • For the love of workers we will march (2/14)

    This Valentine’s Day, go on the Moral March with workers, union members, and advocates for working families – all of us walking behind the AFL-CIO banner and marching together to call for North Carolina lawmakers and Gov. McCrory to embrace our agenda of raising wages for all workers.

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  • Save the Date: Moral March / HKonJ returns Feb. 14, 2015

    We are excited to announce the Moral March on Raleigh and HKonJ People’s Assembly will return for Love and Justice on Valentine’s Day 2015. Grab and share the “Save the Date” flyer far and wide!

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  • Moral Monday comes to Greensboro Nov. 3

    Join us at Government Plaza in Downtown Greensboro for the last Moral Monday before the Election! This will be a Moral “Push to the Polls” as we stand together for voting rights, health care, public education, economic justice, and more!

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  • Coverage of Labor Day 2014

    Our #TalkUnion Tour on Labor Day highlighted how North Carolina workers are finding hope to raise wages and defend workers’ rights in difficult economic and political times by taking collective action through labor unions and Moral Monday.

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  • Get pumped for a Moral Week of Action!

    Join us for seven consecutive days of action at the North Carolina State Capitol to expose and challenge the destructive laws coming out of Raleigh.

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  • Call to “Organize the South” gets national audience at Netroots Nation

    MaryBe McMillan took the AFL-CIO’s call for unions to “organize the South” before a national audience of thousands of progressive thinkers, bloggers, online organizers, and activists gathered in Detroit July 17-20 for Netroots Nation 2014.

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  • Leo Gerard: GOP overlords rule with handcuffs

    “This is the arrogance of King George, not the deference of a public servant. It’s unconstitutional and un-American,” says USW President Leo Gerard.

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  • Moral Movies: Freedom Summer

    Come out to the FREE screening of Freedom Summer in a city near you on Tuesday, June 24th at 7 pm (6:30 pm GSO)! Stick around after the movie to learn about renewed efforts to protect voting rights and ballot access in North Carolina.

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  • Workers’ rights focus of upcoming Moral Monday (6/16)

    workers are watching at Moral Monday

    The Forward Together Movement announced this week that Moral Monday on June 16, 2014 will focus on workers’ rights and labor unions. Let’s show our immoral state lawmakers and governor what solidarity among workers looks like!

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  • AFL-CIO: Attempt to silence Moral Monday is “un-American”

    This week AFL-CIO released a powerful new video that calls the effort by the Republican majority in the NCGA to silence its opposition “un-American” and urges viewers to make themselves heard anyway.

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  • This NC doctor went to jail to save lives

    Dr. Charles van der Horst is a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Van der Horst was also one of almost one thousand people arrested by North Carolina lawmakers for protesting the refusal of the General Assembly to accept Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.

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  • Moral Monday rallies for health, environmental justice (6/2)

    Take a stand against pollution and premature death! Join us this Monday, June 2 at Moral Monday as we raise our voices to protect the health of our state!

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  • Moral Movies: American Winter

    Come out to the FREE screening of American Winter in a city near you on Thursday, May 29 at 7 pm! Stick around after the screening to find out one easy thing you can do to help stop the slide of middle class families into poverty.

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