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  • An economic traitor is running for President

    Right now there are hundreds of Americans in Illinois experiencing first-hand what happens when an economic traitor buys out their company. Not only is Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital shipping their jobs overseas, they are humiliating Sensata workers by forcing them to take down the American flag while training their Chinese replacements.

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  • MUST SEE VIDEO: Romney’s Bain selling out American workers to China

    This video is the story of what happened when Bain Capital took a perfectly profitable, productive factory in America and shut it down because already being rich isn’t good enough. Now, 170 workers at an auto sensor plant are sleeping in tents to protest Bain shipping their jobs to China.

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  • Mitt Romney brings his Etch-A-Sketch to Asheville

    When Mitt Romney and his allies gathered this week in Asheville, working families are getting ready to head to the polls on October 18 when early voting begins in North Carolina.

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  • Who pays taxes in North Carolina?

    Everybody pays taxes in North Carolina. Actually, everybody in the United States pays taxes. Period. End of story.

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  • Mitt Romney reveals himself to big donors

    In the full video released by Mother Jones, Romney told donors that unions would keep him as President of the United States from firing as many workers as he’d like.

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  • The Choice We Face this November 6th

    For those who could use a reminder of the choice we face this November as a nation of workers and union members, the Building and Construction Trades Division, AFL-CIO, released a must-watch video this week, and it’s a knockout.

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  • What to do when Mitt Romney comes calling in N.C.

    Mitt Romney has been outsourcing jobs to China and offshoring money to Switzerland even as he claims he would be a job creator and good steward of our economy as President. Do you believe him?

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  • AFL-CIO launches new website to “Meet Mr. 1%”

    The site responds to what we working people have told us they want – a leader focused on creating jobs for everyone, not just lining his or her pockets – and offers facts about how Romney does, or doesn’t, match up to people’s aspirations.

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  • What does Mitt Romney think of unions?

    Should a Romney Administration take over the federal government, appointing anti-union cronies to the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor – people who will make it their mission to undermine labor law and debilitate workers’ power – will be their top priority.

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  • Meet Mr. 1%

    AFL-CIO has produced a short video to introduce the likely Republican nominee for President to union members and their friends, families, and supporters. Watch “Meet Mr. 1%”, and we are sure you’ll agree. Mitt Romney is out of touch with middle-class America.

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