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  • Member Spotlight: Gabbi McKinley (AFGE)

    photo of a woman wearing a black ballcap with the words I AM UNION on it and wearing a blue jacket with her union logo

    If unions are going to win even more victories for working people, we need more people to say “count me in!” to join us. Less than 11 percent of our country’s working population is unionized, but look at how much we have accomplished these past few years—from historic federal investments in combating climate change to historic union organizing drives, strikes, and contracts. Can you imagine what more we could do if our numbers increased by even a small fraction?

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  • Member Spotlight: Keedren Gantt (CWA)

    It doesn’t matter if you grew up a Republican or a Democrat. What matters is that we are working people, and together we must be advocates for ourselves, for each other, and for the communities we call home.

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  • Member Spotlight: Lynn Shoemaker (IATSE)

    woman wearing red glasses, brown blazer, and black shirt, smiling and looking into the camera

    Labor is absolutely the bedrock of America. Nothing else will matter to you if your family can’t afford a roof over your head or food on your table. But we must stand united, moving away from partisan politics that divide us and showing up and out for each other. “We are stronger together” is not a slogan; it is a fact, and it is the only way forward.

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  • Member Spotlight: Isael Mejia (Ironworkers)

    I want people–especially in the construction industry–to know that we don’t have to settle for dangerous and exploitative working conditions. We are experiencing a big change in how people view work. It’s powerful to see more people want to have a voice in their chosen career by forming and joining unions.

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