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  • Legislative Report: Labor Issues after the “Crossover” Deadline

    April 27th was the deadline for state bills to pass one chamber and “crossover” to the next in order to still be viable this session. Here’s what that means for the issues we’re following.

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  • Mid-Session 2013 legislative update

    Overall, the legislative landscape remains grim, littered with examples of disdain for workers, disdain for unions, and many other causes for concern. Read all about it in our Mid-Session 2013 Legislative Update.

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  • 2011 Legislative Session Recap

    As you know, it was a new world at the legislature – the first time in over a century that the Republicans were in control of both chambers, and they were in control by comfortable margins in each. And as one newspaper put it: “The GOP leadership [was] on an ideological search-and-destroy mission to erase years of progress in education, elections, public health, the courts, environmental protections, consumer protections, and, well, you name it.”

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