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  • No one at NC Chamber is asking, “Are we going too far?”

    Time is running out for the five individuals who head the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce to ask if they’ve gone too far in pushing devastating cuts to unemployment benefits, said Kevin Rogers of Action NC in a recent op-ed published by the News & Observer.

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  • Lobbying for A Working People’s Agenda

    When the 2013 Labor Legislative Conference (LLC) convened in Raleigh on Tuesday, participants learned the outlook at the start of the new biennium of the North Carolina General Assembly for working people, consumers, the environment, clean elections advocates, and many other constituencies is grim, indeed.

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  • North Carolina stories of life on unemployment

    We interviewed six North Carolinians to record their stories of life on unemployment. They told us a powerful story that should give pause to any lawmakers now pushing deep benefit cuts. May they be heard.

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  • NCGA moves to cripple A.G. consumer protection unit

    Given its track record of putting conservative ideology above everything else, maybe its no surprise that our out-of-control state legislature has moved since returning to Raleigh last week to cripple the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection by eliminating its funding entirely.

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  • Tell the General Assembly to stop corporate tax cheats

    If you think corporations should pay North Carolina taxes on North Carolina profits, sign this petition to the state legislature demanding they enact combined reporting and stop corporate tax deadbeats!

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  • Special Report: Changes in Workers’ Comp Law Made by HB 709

    We’ve worked closely with our General Counsel to produce a legislative summary explaining the major changes in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law made by HB 709. This is the definitive summary of the changes made by HB 709.

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  • 2011 Legislative Session Recap

    As you know, it was a new world at the legislature – the first time in over a century that the Republicans were in control of both chambers, and they were in control by comfortable margins in each. And as one newspaper put it: “The GOP leadership [was] on an ideological search-and-destroy mission to erase years of progress in education, elections, public health, the courts, environmental protections, consumer protections, and, well, you name it.”

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  • Update on Workers’ Compensation Bills: The Threat Remains

    Workers’ compensation is critically important to our members and to all workers. We helped fight off three direct attacks on the system in the past two decades. This year, we are faced with both a new attack and a legislature more receptive to these attacks than in the past.

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  • Jobless Workers Testify at Public Hearing on Benefits Lapse

    This week, Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis and others came face-to-face with jobless workers who spoke at a public hearing called by Sen. Martin Nesbitt to shame state lawmakers who are blocking the extension of federal unemployment benefits in North Carolina.

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  • ESCALATION: GOP Assault on Workers’ Comp Grows

    The Workers’ Compensation bills we have all been expecting (and dreading) have arrived – HB 709 AND SB 544. Contact your lawmakers today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709 and Senate Bill 544.” Don’t make injured workers pay the price of CEO greed!

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  • Senate Votes to Begin Debate on H.C. Reform

    The slow, deliberative path to the end begins Late last Saturday, the Senate voted 60-39 to open debate on historic health care and health insurance reform legislation. Having cleared this procedural vote, debate is set to begin after Thanksgiving. Senator Kay Hagan voted with the rest of the Democratic caucus to debate the most important […]

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  • Study: Majority Sign-Up Doesn’t Lead to Coercion

    A ‘total absence of any employee or union abuse’ for Illinois workers The University of Illinois published results of a study authored by Robert Bruno, a professor of labor and employment policy, on Illinois’ Majority Interest Petition (MIP) process, which grants public employees in that state the option to form a union using majority sign-up. […]

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  • Veterans Join Battle for Employee Free Choice Act

    VoteVets.org mobilizes for freedom to organize Saying the freedom to organize and form unions is one of many American values for which veterans have fought and died, the AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council and VoteVets.org are teaming up to fight for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. “The freedom to organize is an American value, […]

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  • Swine Flu vs. Lack of Paid Sick Leave in NC

    Getting sick is nothing new. The way we fight the spread of infectious disease – regular hand washing, getting vaccinated, avoiding travel and staying home from work if sick – are common sense things that everyone can do. Well, not everyone. Nearly 1 in 2 workers in North Carolina lack even a single day of […]

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  • Video: Presser on Bills to Repeal Bargaining Ban

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