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  • A Message from the Unions of Today’s AFL-CIO

    WATCH: Labor Day TV Ad The AFL-CIO is marking Labor Day 2010 with national T.V. and radio ads that will be broadcast this weekend during Major League Baseball games, the NASCAR Pep Boys 500 on Sunday, and the NCAA football season opener – Boise State v. Virginia Tech – on Monday. Watch the T.V. spot: […]

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  • Labor Day Events in North Carolina

    In Raleigh The Wake County Democratic Party will host its 2010 Labor Day Rally and picnic on Labor Day from noon until 3pm at the Raleigh Elks Lodge. NC Secretary of State and Democratic U.S. Sendate candidate, Elaine Marshall, will be the keynote speaker. Sgt. Rick Armstrong of Raleigh PD and Teamsters 391, will be […]

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  • Happy Labor Day from Labor Secretary Hilda Solis

    The State of the American Worker We are very fortunate to now have in Hilda Solis a Secretary of Labor who actually cares about workers and workers’ rights. The Congress and the White House get most of the media coverage, but it’s the work of the Department of Labor – the rules and regulations, investments […]

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  • James Andrews: Labor Day is Call to Action for Leaders

    We have a jobs crisis creating a debt crisis Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Politicians need to be focused on creating jobs for today’s jobless instead of worrying about future debts because only when the unemployed get back to work will we be able to grow our economy and tackle our long-term federal budget deficits. In the […]

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  • Happy Labor Day 2010!!!

    The history behind the holiday The Department of Labor has pulled together a comprehensive guide to the history of Labor Day in the United States. Check it out at http://www.dol.gov/laborday/history.htm. In addition to many historical images from Labor Days past, the DOL has pulled together a few feature stories about the holiday, including: Labor Daze […]

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