• Op-Ed: Inflation Reduction Act First Anniversary Worth Celebrating

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    This week we joined the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters to recognize the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest investment in clean energy in the history of the United States! Thanks to President Biden’s affordable clean energy plan, North Carolina already has received $9.61 ​billion ​in investments and created 4100 jobs.

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  • Introducing the NC Union Jobs Board

    Visitors to ncunionjobs.com will find a list of unionized employers as well as union trade apprenticeship and training programs in North Carolina, the county or counties where these opportunities exist, and information on how to apply.

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  • Sirota: Focus on wages for NC to adapt to “the future of work”

    Raising wages and expanding opportunity for the masses – not the millionaires – is the way forward to a prosperous future for both working people and the economy in North Carolina.

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  • Petition: Support the creation of quality jobs in NC

    When full-time work doesn’t guarantee your economic security, that’s a problem. Sign the NC Justice Center petition calling for NC politicians to push policies that will lead to quality job creation.

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  • The ongoing gluttony of Hostess executives

    The despicable looting of Hostess continued this week as a bankruptcy judge gave permission for the same executives who wrecked the company to pay themselves $1.8 million in bonuses.

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  • Offshoring jobs continues to drag down N.C.’s economy

    A recent brief by the Budget and Tax Center underlines just how serious a problem offshoring has been for North Carolina’s economy. Without all the losses from corporations shipping our jobs to China since 2001 and to Mexico in just one year, 2010, unemployment in North Carolina would be down almost to where it was before the Great Recession.

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  • Job openings at union company, American Income Life

    American Income Life is hiring in North Carolina. The only 100% union insurance company in the nation currently has offices in Raleigh, Wilmington, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte.

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  • Ask Kay Hagan and Richard Burr to Bring Jobs Home!

    Call your senators now at 888-659-9401 and tell them to support the Bring Jobs Home Act. Our primary focus should be helping working families—not Big Business—by creating and saving good jobs at home and supporting the patriotic companies that create jobs in the United States.

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  • Join IBM informational picket April 24

    Alliance at IBM is asking for support for IBM workers in Research Triangle Park where thousands of N.C. jobs are threatened by off-shoring.

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  • What’s grosser than “Pink Slime”?

    We received an urgent request for solidarity support this week from AFGE, which represents workers at the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA is up to no-good in a big way.

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  • President Obama visits Freightliner plant in Mount Holly, NC

    The President bragged about North Carolina workers and the new trucks they are building in our state. “Now, here at Daimler, you’re not just building trucks. You’re building better trucks,” said the President.

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  • Hundreds in rural N.C. win jobs, opportunity thanks to IBEW

    When the world’s largest social network picked Rutherford County, NC as the site of its newest data centers, Facebook turned to IBEW to get the job done right. Now workers are earning a living wage in a county with high unemployment, and IBEW is winning new members grateful for the union difference.

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  • Take the Pledge, “I support American Jobs”

    In the wake of the bankruptcy of American Airlines, 13,000 people will lose their jobs and its employees’ will lose their pension. Over a hundred workers at RDU International airport will be affected, and their local union is asking for our help. Show your solidarity with American workers by taking the pledge, “I support American jobs.”

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  • Good news for UAW 5287 and Thomas Built Buses

    The workers at the Thomas Built Buses manufacturing plant in High Point, who are represented by United Auto Workers Local 5287, got some good news earlier this month. Thomas has recalled 112 laid-off workers to meet demand.

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  • Unemployment insurance extended thanks to Gov. Perdue

    Governor Perdue took action earlier this month to make sure 28,000 jobless North Carolinians will not lose their last lifeline in the New Year.

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