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  • Senator Richard Burr (R-Chutzpah)

    Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) Having voted for CAFTA, Burr touts jobs in area devastated by free trade Republican Senator Richard Burr toured Northeast North Carolina on Wednesday, stopping in Edenton in Chowan County to tout jobs at the Colony Tire Plant and burnish his credentials with rural North Carolina voters. What’s the big deal with […]

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  • Gov. Perdue Attends Jobs Summit in Raleigh

    Organizers urge adoption of multiple ideas to help struggling families On Wednesday, Historic Thousands on Jones St (HKonJ) partners, the NC Justice Center, NC NAACP, and the NC State AFL-CIO, among others, held a jobs summit at the Martin St. Baptist Church in Raleigh, where Governor Perdue was urged to consider multiple proposals to get […]

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  • Help Us in the Fight for Good Jobs NOW!

    AFL-CIO unveils 5-point plan to fix jobs crisis It’s up to us, America’s unions, to lead the fight for solutions that will get us out of this crisis. The AFL-CIO has a five-point plan to create and save millions of jobs over the next year, starting as soon as Congress acts. It will take all […]

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