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  • Offshoring jobs continues to drag down N.C.’s economy

    A recent brief by the Budget and Tax Center underlines just how serious a problem offshoring has been for North Carolina’s economy. Without all the losses from corporations shipping our jobs to China since 2001 and to Mexico in just one year, 2010, unemployment in North Carolina would be down almost to where it was before the Great Recession.

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  • Ask Kay Hagan and Richard Burr to Bring Jobs Home!

    Call your senators now at 888-659-9401 and tell them to support the Bring Jobs Home Act. Our primary focus should be helping working families—not Big Business—by creating and saving good jobs at home and supporting the patriotic companies that create jobs in the United States.

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  • Take the Pledge, “I support American Jobs”

    In the wake of the bankruptcy of American Airlines, 13,000 people will lose their jobs and its employees’ will lose their pension. Over a hundred workers at RDU International airport will be affected, and their local union is asking for our help. Show your solidarity with American workers by taking the pledge, “I support American jobs.”

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  • Unemployment insurance extended thanks to Gov. Perdue

    Governor Perdue took action earlier this month to make sure 28,000 jobless North Carolinians will not lose their last lifeline in the New Year.

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  • Older workers hit hard by NC’s jobs crisis

    The NC Justice Center has pulled together available information about unemployment in our state to create a profile of joblessness. The facts show the jobs crisis hitting workers 55 and older hard.

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  • How do state budget cuts impact where you live?

    Our friends at Together NC have pulled together a new clearinghouse of statewide and regional information about the economy and the impact of state budget cuts. On the Chopping Block puts data and reports from all seven of NC’s economic regions at your fingertips.

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  • Public Outcry Needed to Stop WNC Postal Closings (11/21)

    A plan by U.S. Postal Service management to close a major facility in Asheville, move operations to another state, and eliminate as many as 200 good-paying, middle-class jobs in Western North Carolina will be subject to public input at a hearing on Monday, Nov. 21 at 5pm.

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  • #Nov17 is Nationwide Day of Action for the 99% Movement

    November 17 is a nationwide day of action in support of the 99% Movement. In Raleigh, we will protest with a message for politicians, “Occupy the Jobs Crisis!” Following the protest, we will march to the State Capitol to join the Occupy Raleigh picket line.

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  • Senate Republicans Kill Infrastructure Jobs Bill

    By a vote of 51-47 on Thursday, Senate Republicans including Richard Burr voted unanimously to kill the Rebuild America Jobs Act on procedural grounds which required 60 votes to advance the bill. It was the third time Burr voted to block legislation that would put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work.

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  • AFL-CIO Blasts Senate Republicans for Killing Jobs Act

    Despite the American Jobs Act having the support of a majority (51) U.S. Senators, it will never get an up-or-down vote in the United States Senate thanks to the unanimous opposition of Republicans – including our own Richard Burr.

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  • Report: North Carolina Has Lost 107k+ Jobs to China

    107,390 jobs have been lost because of unfair trade practices with China, according to a report released by the Alliance for American Manufacturing. The report comes as Congress is set to debate new agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama in the coming weeks.

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  • Workers Bear Witness To Injustice at Thom Tillis Town Hall

    Since coming into power in January, Tillis’ agenda has exacted sacrifice upon sacrifice from working families while rewarding his staff with 27 percent pay increases and his corporate campaign contributors with new tax loopholes and exemptions from environmental protections.

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  • Sue Myrick Can’t Hide From Her Poor Record on Jobs Crisis

    U.S. Representative Sue Myrick sponsored a job fair at Central Piedmont Community College, today, but she did not attend. It’s just as well because Myrick’s voting record in Congress shows the only job that concerns her is her own.

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  • Veto Overridden, GOP State Budget Becomes Law

    In the end, Republicans cared more about their ridiculous no-tax pledge to anti-government, right-wingers than they cared about keeping a half-billion dollar investment in public education or preventing the loss of tens of thousands more jobs. And North Carolinians will be worse off for it.

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  • Congress Passes, President Signs Law to Save Hundreds of Thousands of American Jobs

    On the side of teachers, firefighters, public safety officers… Last week, Congress passed and the President quickly signed into law a bill that will save literally hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The law provides $16 billion in Medicaid funding assistance and $10 billion for teachers’ jobs. Failure to pass this bill would have meant […]

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