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  • 60th Annual Convention Recap

    More than 200 delegates and guests gathered for our 60th Annual Convention in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, Sept. 13-15th to elect a new president and new executive board, hear from inspiring speakers, participate in skill-building workshops and movement-building breakout sessions, honor James Andrews and North Carolina’s rich labor history, and adopt new resolutions to guide the organization over the coming year.

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  • A Tribute to James Andrews, President Emeritus

    In honor of now President Emeritus James Andrews, who retired at our 60th Annual Convention last month from a career in the labor movement that spanned four decades, we interviewed some of his friends and colleagues for this video tribute.

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  • A Way to Pay Tribute to Retiring President James Andrews

    President James Andrews will retire at our 60th Annual Convention in September after more than 35 years of service to the labor movement. To honor his leadership and legacy in North Carolina and beyond, we are asking individuals and organizations to consider placing an ad in a souvenir book.

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  • NC State AFL-CIO President James Andrews honored as a “Champion of Justice”

    President Andrews was among five “Champions of Justice” honorees at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the NC Justice Center, along with former Governor Jim Hunt and former UNC System president Tom Ross.

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  • Update on President James Andrews

    Photo of James Andrews

    North Carolina State AFL-CIO President James Andrews was diagnosed with low-level, early stage prostate cancer in January of this year. We are pleased to report that he is cancer-free and has returned to his regular routine of walking 6 miles a day.

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  • 2013 State AFL-CIO convention charts our future

    Delegates elected a new Executive Board, re-elected both officers, and adopted a dozen resolutions.

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  • UNC Board of Governors votes to allow tuition hikes

    The cuts last year imposed by the state legislature and the hikes of tuition and fees approved today by the UNC governors are a reminder of just how far our state has fallen from living up to its constitutional obligation to the people of North Carolina.

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  • Black Trade Union Leaders Make Solidarity Trip to Alabama

    On Wednesday, NC State AFL-CIO President James Andrews traveled to Alabama with other African American labor and civil rights leaders and national AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka on a fact-finding mission to investigate that state’s worst-in-the-nation anti-worker and anti-immigrant law, HB 56.

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  • N.C. Shows that “America Wants to Work”

    Columbus Day was the start of “America Wants to Work”, a campaign to urge members of Congress and our state legislature to start working for the other 99% of us by adopting bold solutions to our jobs crisis. From Charlotte to Raleigh and onto Dunn, North Carolina’s labor movement has responded to the call of action.

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  • NC Highway Sign Now Marks the CIO’s “Operation Dixie”

    On Saturday, September 3, 2011, a new North Carolina Highway Historical Marker was unveiled in Rocky Mount for Operation Dixie.

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  • Compromise Reached on Workers’ Compensation Bills

    We are pleased to report that a compromise has been reached on HB 709, after much intense and time-consuming negotiation. The bill that was originally introduced would have had a devastating effect on injured workers in many respects if it had passed as introduced.

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  • Must See Video: Lifeline

    The face of the unemployed in crisis On November 30th, Congress allowed emergency unemployment benefits to expire. Here are the faces and stories of those Americans most affected by the inaction of Congress. We need to generate as many views of this video as we can! After you watch it, please share this video with […]

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  • James Andrews: Labor Day is Call to Action for Leaders

    We have a jobs crisis creating a debt crisis Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Politicians need to be focused on creating jobs for today’s jobless instead of worrying about future debts because only when the unemployed get back to work will we be able to grow our economy and tackle our long-term federal budget deficits. In the […]

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  • James Andrews Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council

    James Andrews with President Barack Obama. A new voice for state/local movement Last Wednesday, August 4, 2010, the AFL-CIO Executive Council – the top governing body of the National AFL-CIO – elected five new members, including our own NC State AFL-CIO President, James Andrews, who will take one of two seats newly created to promote […]

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  • On Unemployment, Richard Burr Just Doesn’t Get It

    Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) doesn’t understand why unemployment is still an emergency. Burr says it’s “No longer an emergency” For over 450,000 workers in North Carolina who are unemployed, the emergency is as real as it’s ever been. Despite this, Senator Burr has voted repeatedly AGAINST extending unemployment benefits, the only source of income for […]

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