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  • North Carolina Well Represented at National AFL-CIO Convention

    North Carolina was well represented at the 2017 AFL-CIO convention with speeches, remarks, or panel presentations by state federation president MaryBe McMillan, AFGE national president and state fed vice president J. David Cox Sr., Triangle Labor Council treasurer and North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) executive director Melvin Montford, and IATSE Local 322 stagehand and labor-endorsed Charlotte City Council candidate Braxton Winston II.

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  • AFGE President Calls for $15 an hour minimum wage

    Federal workers without a union on their side would get a major economic boost if the Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee would adopt a proposal by AFGE and other unions to boost the federal minimum wage of hourly employees to $15 an hour.

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  • This is what Election Day is really about

    What kind of Congress do you want – a Congress that fiddles while Rome burns or one that is willing to do the hard work the American people want – rebuilding our country to create millions of jobs, raising wages and empowering workers to bargain for better, protecting and expanding Social Security, and holding accountable bad apples on Wall Street and Corporate America?

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  • Workers at state AFL-CIO Convention get ready to rumble

    Delegates from AFL-CIO unions and councils representing workers from every economic sector across North Carolina attended our 2012 state convention in Raleigh to get energized and mobilized for the final push of our Labor 2012 campaign, to be inspired by an amazing speakers, and to honor the rank-and-file.

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  • State AFL-CIO VP, J. David Cox, elected AFGE National President

    Winning election to the top post at AFGE on the first ballot is only the latest (and greatest) recognition of J. David’s career of service to military veterans, to federal employees, and to advancing the rights of all workers.

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  • NC State AFL-CIO VP to chair Union Veterans Council

    It is my honor to be an advocate for the care they receive within the VA, ensure our elected officials keep up their end of the bargain and provide our heroes with the support they deserve.

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  • 54th Convention Wrap Up: This Land is Your Land

    Delegates from across North Carolina convened the 54th Annual Convention of the NC State AFL-CIO on September 8th in Charlotte, NC where they took bold action to restructure our labor movement, to chart our organization’s future, and to get focused and get inspired to rise to the challenges working people will continue to face in the year ahead.

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  • NC AFL-CIO VP Appointed to Federal Salary Council

    J. David Cox, AFGE J. David Cox, AFGE National Secretary-Treasurer President Obama has appointed two representatives of AFGE, the federal government employees union, to the Federal Salary Council, to advise the executive branch on federal pay, including our 3rd Ranking Vice President, J. David Cox: “AFGE is proud to have two members on the Federal […]

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