• Thom Tillis cites U.K. law to justify payments to former staffers

    We look forward to working with Thom Tillis to raise the level of legal protections for workers in North Carolina up to the high standards set out in U.K. labor law and currently reserved just for Tillis’ staff.

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  • The incredible double standard of two-faced Thom Tillis

    After our Rein Them In rally ahead of an expensive, do-nothing “special” session of the North Carolina General Assembly on Thursday, Feb. 16, about 50-70 people filed into the building to deliver messages printed on a simple sheet of paper to Speaker Thom Tillis. What happened next was another example of how out of control our state legislature has gotten.

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  • Jon Stewart Nails Fox News Hypocrisy on Pay for Teachers vs. Wall St

    On Thursday night’s Daily Show Jon Stewart goes after Fox News blatant double standard when it comes to pay for teachers and Wall Street.

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  • Must See Video: Lifeline

    The face of the unemployed in crisis On November 30th, Congress allowed emergency unemployment benefits to expire. Here are the faces and stories of those Americans most affected by the inaction of Congress. We need to generate as many views of this video as we can! After you watch it, please share this video with […]

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  • Thoughts for the Tax Day Protests

    By Chris Fitzsimon Chris Fitzsimon writes a blog, the Fitzsimon File, at NC Policy Watch. Earlier this week, he published this piece on the hypocrisy of the tax day Tea Party protesters, which he has given us permission to reprint in full: Thursday is April 15, tax day, so get ready for the annual onslaught […]

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  • Big Business: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

    Hypocrisy of EFCA opponents knows no limits The Employee Free Choice Act will do three very important things: Take away the employer’s power to decide how workers choose union representation, giving the choice to employees alone Provide for mediation on first contract disputes after 90 days and binding arbitration if either side fails to negotiate […]

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