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  • Picket posh House GOP fundraiser in Raleigh (8/27)

    Join us to protest as State House Republicans cash-in on their immoral agenda.

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  • N.C. House Republicans Cash-In on Selling Out North Carolina

    About 50 advocates for democracy, workers’ and civil rights, public education, and the environment turned out for an hour and a half in the late afternoon heat and raised a right-good ruckus at a GOP fundraiser this week.

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  • NC House Republicans Push Anti-Union Amendment

    Fresh off passing a budget that will result in tens of thousands of additional jobs lost in our state while undoing decades of progress which have made North Carolina the best place in the South to live, work, and get a quality public education, Republican state lawmakers are devising new ways to waste taxpayer money instead of creating jobs.

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  • House Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits

    Time is running out for long-term unemployed The Democratic leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday tried to take up a bill under expedited rules to extend federal unemployment benefits which are set to expire on November 30. The vote required a 2/3 majority to pass, but enough Republicans (143) voted against suspending […]

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