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  • March for Health Care in Charlotte on Sat. (3/20)

    “Everybody In Nobody Out” Health Care for America Now – North Carolina members and supporters will rally in Charlotte this Saturday and march to end health care discrimination. Folks will gather at the Greater Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church and then march to Charlotte Square. What: March and rally to support HCR passage When: This […]

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  • Dozens Rally to Thank Etheridge for Supporting Health Care Reform

    “Vote ‘YES’, fix this mess!” Dozens of people rallied outside the Raleigh offices of Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-2nd), today, to show their support for finishing the job on health insurance / health care reform.  The rally was a last-minute response to an anti-reform protest of Rep. Etheridge, who voted for the House reform bill. Even […]

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  • Health Care Reform: The Cost of Doing Nothing

    Can we afford NOT to act? We are now in the end-game on health care reform. Time will tell whether it succeeds or fails, but is failure really an option for North Carolinians? “North Carolinians need health reform more than ever,” says the national non-profit health care policy group, Families USA, in a new report, […]

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  • #1 Reason We Need Health Insurance Reform

    Blue Cross Blue Shield NC premiums way up The News & Observer reports on huge rate increases hitting North Carolina families who have health care coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield – almost everyone, given their practical monopoly: “In this state, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, a nonprofit insurer that controls most […]

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  • Top 10 Favorite Health Insurance Co. Innovations

    If the market is the solution, how’s that working out now? Opponents of reforming any industry always say regulation isn’t the answer. Well, absent meaningful regulations, how are the health insurance companies doing at keeping costs down (and profits up)? Adam Linker, blogger at The Progressive Pulse, the NC Policy Watch blog, has put together […]

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  • A Workers Revolt in Mass. Election

    Fix the problems of working Americans, or else Working families, especially voters in union households, turned out big in 2008 to elect the largest Democratic majorities in Congress in decades and bring change to the White House. In 2009, we mobilized like never before on a legislative agenda for labor law reform so workers can […]

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  • Call Now, More Than Ever for Real HCR

    Nationwide phone blitz of Congress is underway Light up those phone banks, rev up those calls, and let’s let the U.S. Congress hear the powerful voice of working families! The AFL-CIO’s national phone blitz on health care reform began at midnight and continues all day, today. The blitz comes at the most critical moment in […]

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  • The Case Against the Health Care Benefits Tax

    Bad politics, worse policy The Senate health care “reform” bill raises revenue by taxing your employer-provided health insurance benefit. This excise tax will hit middle class families hard – particularly union households because our members are more likely to have health insurance through work. Taxing health care benefits is bad politics, and it’s the wrong […]

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  • Nationwide Phone Blitz for Real HCR is Wed. (1/13)

    We need reform that works for working families As we reach the finish line in our fight for national health care reform, we are calling on union members nation-wide to deluge members of Congress with phone calls demanding reform that works for working families. All of us — national, local union leaders, activists and members, […]

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  • AFL-CIO Statement on the Senate Health Care Bill

    Not worthy of our support without changes Working people have been fighting for health care reform in the United States for over a century. Despite the challenges to getting a good bill, we are not about to give up now. Today, our country stands alone in the developed world as the only nation not to […]

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  • NC Alliance for Retired Americans Meets Shuler

    Retirees urge Congressman to support HCR What present would you ask your member of Congress for this holiday season? How about living up to the campaign promises made to voters in 2008? An organization of union retirees in North Carolina, the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA), has something in mind — comprehensive health care reform. […]

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  • Health Care Reform Press Conference Tues (12/8)

    Let’s get it done – and done right! The campaign to pass reform of the health insurance industry and the provision of health care in our country has come further this year than ever before. Still, that’s not good enough. Until the Congress passes and the President signs comprehensive health care reform legislation, our job […]

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  • Senate Votes to Begin Debate on H.C. Reform

    The slow, deliberative path to the end begins Late last Saturday, the Senate voted 60-39 to open debate on historic health care and health insurance reform legislation. Having cleared this procedural vote, debate is set to begin after Thanksgiving. Senator Kay Hagan voted with the rest of the Democratic caucus to debate the most important […]

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  • Health Care Reform Passes the House 220-215

    How did your representative vote? On Saturday, November 7, 2009, health care reform legislation passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, making it further than other effort to-date. From the AFL-CIO Blog: Last night, 220 members of Congress showed they’re on the side of working families, not big insurance companies. They’ve earned our thanks for […]

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  • National Week of Action on Health Care Kickoff 11/5

    Reform efforts at pivotal point, needs union support to win The U.S. House of Representatives released it’s health care reform (HCR) legislation late last week. The Affordable Health Care for America Act – H.R. 3962, includes a strong public option for those without insurance, an employer mandate to provide insurance to employees, and does not […]

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