• Compromise Reached on Workers’ Compensation Bills

    We are pleased to report that a compromise has been reached on HB 709, after much intense and time-consuming negotiation. The bill that was originally introduced would have had a devastating effect on injured workers in many respects if it had passed as introduced.

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  • Update on Workers’ Compensation Bills: The Threat Remains

    Workers’ compensation is critically important to our members and to all workers. We helped fight off three direct attacks on the system in the past two decades. This year, we are faced with both a new attack and a legislature more receptive to these attacks than in the past.

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  • ESCALATION: GOP Assault on Workers’ Comp Grows

    The Workers’ Compensation bills we have all been expecting (and dreading) have arrived – HB 709 AND SB 544. Contact your lawmakers today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709 and Senate Bill 544.” Don’t make injured workers pay the price of CEO greed!

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  • Republicans File Workers’ Compensation Bill (HB 709)

    Contact your Representative today and urge him or her to, “oppose House Bill 709.” Tell your Representative that, “working families back home are counting on legislators to protect our stable workers compensation system and make protecting injured workers–not corporate profits and insurance companies–a priority.”

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